Bruisers Back in Stock! Oct 13, 2009

Milwaukee is getting the 2nd round of Bruisers in tomorrow. They’ve already listed them on the site, so head over and claim yours. First come, first serve.

Turn around times are listed here and as always, there’s a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and a 20% parts discount on a build. Not bad!

  • Todd

    Life time warranty applies to frames shipped wif raw finish, no paint?

  • I would assume so. Surface rust doesn’t affect the integrity of the frame to the point of failure.

  • kaleb

    This is the best trick frame on the market. You can really tell the people who put out fixed freestyle frames after the bruiser took a lot of time studying what you did.

    I rode my friend’s and I am sold. I Bmx and race at the track and all these jokers with 650 wheels and carbon frames compromise there bikes riding. The bruiser felt hella solid. The only frame that has convinced me that 700cmx is a legit sport. You guys are destroying everyone on the east side. Good job prolly. i just hope ur getting paid.

    Now mend that foot and come over to the west coast. Ill ride bmx with you. no homo.


    Todd having a raw finish with voids the warranty, you have to get it gunkoted it you want it raw.

  • christian

    just ordered mine this morning cant wait. they told me i was first in line so it should ship soon

  • Todd

    “Surface rust doesn’t affect the integrity of the frame to the point of failure.” – prolly

    “Todd having a raw finish with voids the warranty” – CONNOR

    Prolly is probably full of contradictions

    Can a brother kid a definitive answer? Milwaukee Bicycle Co employee?

  • Yeah, I don’t know for sure. I can’t find it on the MKE site…

  • Drew

    We prefer to have them painted going out the door. We do tell people that an unpainted frame does void the warranty.

    One can say that surface rust will not affect integrity; until they ride it a full winter and the salt really gets at it. It will weaken the frame to the point of failure.

    If proper frame paint preparation is not done, rust will propagate under the paint. I am sure you have seen it on some clear coated frames.

    We are one of the only companies that get their frames in raw and allow the consumer to decide their own color (excluding small independent frame manufactures’). One has to think of it as this… our bikes already come to us painted, but you get to choose the color, some do come with an additional cost and some do not (It is kind of a dream world if you ask me); there are no raw frames (only gun coated raw frames).

    We also do recommend interior frame saving annually. Corrosion is the nature of the steel beast and should be treated accordingly if you would like your frame to last a lifetime.

  • Todd

    “We do tell people that an unpainted frame does void the warranty.”

    Thanks! Glad to get a straight answer on this. Still buying a Brusier, too!

    Request for Prolly: Photoshop image of the “No soup for you” guy from Seinfeld TV show, wearing a spray paint booth mask, holding the Milwaukee warranty document.