Bike Reviews Oct 2, 2009

Bike Reviews were also at Interbike this year, reviewing the various models of fixed gears on showcase. A great number of these bikes are marketed at the first-timers, offering a bike with everything a new rider would want. Color-coordination (well, mostly white) and minimalist designs.

The two recent fixed gear bikes they reviewed are the Cinelli Mystic Rats Bootleg and the Globe Roll. I’m not sold on either bike, but I can see what the companies were going for. At least the Globe has an interesting spin on a head badge!

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  • dontcoast

    cinelli and specialized both need to get a clue: all white = ghost bike, and i don’t want to ride no ghost bike.

    dont get me wrong, I love white frames ( have a pearl white miyata), but ghost bikes aside, 100%white looks pretty ugly to me

    The globe isn’t anything special but it looks a bit nicer than any langster ive seen. whats up with that front hub though…proprietary?!?!?

  • wilson

    Just seconding dontcoast: I’ve been biking in NY for 11 years & I’m starting to see all these people on all-white fixies. That symbolizes violent death.