Bike-Opolis Oct 14, 2009

It’s a sad truth that with the highest density, NYC still falls behind 5 other US-cities and 2 Canadian cities in the ranking for “best to bike in”. Nice design on the chart, horrible bike though!


  • Sam

    There’s some interesting data about % of commuters who bike/drove/walked at this post. The data is also more up to date. John Pucher’s lecture from June uses data from 2006/2007, whereas this site uses info from the 2008 American Community Survey.

  • how do you think about Tokyo? mr. Prolly!

  • i find it funny that they used one of the Republic/Urban Outfitters bike for the shot.. and dont feel bad.. i dont even wanna know the percentage for here in reno..

  • Tokyo was interesting. Definitely more hectic than most cities, but that may be because of the left-side riding. There was no hostility or aggression, but very little personal space. Everyone respected your space, but wouldn’t hesitate flying 45mph 12″ past you.

    I did however like riding on the highways and lane-splitting was more predictable. People drove very predictable in fact, no impatient and restlessness in traffic.

    One other thing that really got me was how no one blew red lights in Tokyo (drivers and cyclists). Everytime we rode with Japanese kids and we blew a light, they made a huge deal about it. Pretty funny…

    Coming back to NYC was a shock for sure.

  • lol, Republic. I almost bought a bike from them back when they were 249 complete. And when they were still Republic.

  • pussyfoot

    i’d think that the subway and walking would take a huge chunk of % from NYC.

  • I think it’s based on bike lanes, bike parking, number of cycling-related deaths, etc. Too busy to read the fine print in the surveys right now, but that’s my inclination.

  • Ribs

    Hats off to Minneapolis. Place is fuggin’ cold 6 months of the year.

  • Chris Sans

    prolly doesn’t like the republic. he must not shop at urban….

  • I posted earlier about the Republic bikes / UO endeavor. I don’t mind it in the “get more people on bikes” sense. Just think that bike in particular is ugly!

  • the colors were too loud for me, and i ended up tradeing a skateboard for a back wheel and cog. but not bad for a complete bike, but you’ll wana avoid the 10 stairs

  • NYC is actually behind five US cities and two CANADIAN cities.

  • cameron

    what about the “dirty south”?
    Atlanta is prolly #10.

  • Adam

    Hell yeah Minneapolis! That’s what’s up.

  • steveisskinny

    fuck, i love living in portland

  • scissorneck

    Mpls reppin……Ya try hoppin on your bike on a cold -20 day and ride to work at 7am booooiiii…….hard kids up here in the north.burly for sure….

  • What about Detroit? After 5pm all the suits drive back to the suburbs and the streets are yours for the taking!!

  • Luke