Bad Penny Oct 13, 2009

I posted this Peacock Groove ‘Bad Penny’ a little while ago.

Well, to help fund their future projects, they’ve decided to put it up on eBay.

I can’t wait to see what this beast fetches! Just look at the plating on the tied and soldered spokes! Thanks for the heads up Randall. Keep building beauties!

Patinae Peacock Groove Pista

  • dontcoast

    blows the shit out of ANY “art fixie” or “collabo” bike out there. that’s some fine craftsmanship.

    the cranks coulda been better though…copper plated campy’s or something :P

  • scissorneck

    im throwing him an offer

  • i wonder what that thing smells like. ha!

  • Adam

    This bike is even prettier in person. Good job Erik! Peacock GROOVE!

  • Ernesto

    A beautifull….beast.Very unique and in many ways shows individuality.