Ace Metric Oct 21, 2009

Pic by Andrew Curry

Ace Metric is a new track bike shop in Orlando, Florida. It was started by a group of friends with the intent to offer the Orlando area a bike shop embedded in the fixed gear culture. If you’re in Orlando on vacation or if you live in the area, swing through and say hi to the guys.

Mike is also throwing an alleycat and trick comp soon, so definitely go to that! I’ll post the flier once I receive it.

  • Nice to see the fixed gear centric shops spread, and not be stuck in portions of other shops(not to knock the bike shops that are carrying more and more track/fixed components on hand). I’d also love to see the inside, because the outside looks like a jam.

  • ryan

    love this shop, love what orlando has going on.
    thanks for posting this

  • Michael

    Photo cred: Andrew Curry

  • Roger

    I just can’t WAIT for this fixed gear bubble to burst. I support all of these stores and what they’re doing is great, but when their shops stop being so trendy, I’ll be right in line for their close out sales

  • dope shop.. michael there is super knowledgable and i just ordered my v3 volume cutter there today.. =)

  • Badluck

    Go support. Blackshaw is sexy.