7-11 At Chari & Co Oct 26, 2009

without looking below, which one is the re-issue?

Chari & Co just got in two 7-11 Eddy Merckx framesets. The one on the left is the reissued Corsa Extra (most likely SLX) and the one of the right is the original, made from Columbus TSX or SLX (depending on the year and frame size). The major differences are noticeable right off the bat. The original 7-11 had a flat crown fork and the reissue had a sloping crown. The rear triangle on the original is also chromed, whereas the reissue is not; most companies had stopped chroming bikes in the later 90’s. The original had Eddy Merckx stamped on the fork ends and dropouts whereas the reissue has Campagnolo.

Overall, it’s a good example of a re-issued classic. Read up more on the 7-11’s history at last week’s Merckx Mondays.

  • dro

    although i don’t know much about merckx, i like the original much better. the sloping fork kills it for me. chrome doesn’t help either. but thats just me.
    also, nice new ride prolly

  • confused myself earlier in a rush to head out the door. Sorry for the mix-up…

  • Casey

    Why is the deralier braze on so high on the original?

  • Because the bike is so tiny. It just looks high. It’s the proper height.

  • The replica – which I think was actually made in the last 5 years – is kinda half-assed. The paint job isn’t right – the stripes are, from what I gather, vinyl tape in some spots, too widely spaced, and the ones of the chainstay are backwards. Lame.

  • Yeah, in 2006 there was a replica at Interbike. That’s most likely when this replica is from.

  • It’s hard to beat an original and this is definitely the case. Love the chrome and the fork as well. How tiny is the original?