151bcd Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista Oct 13, 2009

To go with my Campy 151 bcd Pista cranks on my Merckx, I just got a 151 Nuovo Record Pista ring. This isn’t just any ring. It’s a so-called ‘sprinters ring’.

Campy made these a while ago for the biggest sprinters. They were almost twice the thickness of normal Pista rings to give extra stiffness for the monsters who tore around the track.

Pretty neat and really beefy. It’s almost twice the weight of a normal ring. Anyone have anymore information on these? I’d like to see some more documentation on these rings.

I’ll be polishing this up tomorrow before I put it on the bike.

  • I think for Campy Pista ring….only 151 BCD ring come 7mm thick …. 144 BCD ring is 3.5 mm..
    I never seen any document state any concrete fact either, just never seen any 144 BCD that beefed up as the 151BCD. We had a write up on campy a while back, but nothing too serious..


  • I’ve got no info on these but I got a similar one with 49 teeth on my Rossin Pista. Nice and beefy fo’sho.

  • Rob

    I have one of these. It’s a 52 in the original sleeve. Let me know if you want it. Ever since my Paramount was stolen, I can’t bear to look at it. Death to all bike thieves!

    I’m pretty sure (if I remember correctly), that it’s Record, not Nuovo Record (they only used 151 bcd pre-1968).

  • I’ve also got a 144 bcd 49T that is super beefed like this one. Any idea what these are worth?