VéLOrue Sep 14, 2009

VéLOrue from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

Nicely shot and composted edit from the riders in Buffalo NY! Great clips. I love watching people fall in HD too! Keep it moving B-flo!

VéLOrue coming spring 2010. Buffalo NY.

featuring Benjamin Golembiewski Zach Lee and William Bottriell
Filmed by William Bottriell

  • Jeff

    very cool but i agree those bmx bars look pathetic on a 700c. the more people keep adapting the bike to the trick instead of the other way around the goofier the bikes are starting to look!

  • benjamin

    Well I’m 6-3 I gotta get those bars up to where I am comfortable

  • space-cliff

    Zach Lee is a crook.