Tyler Johnson’s Leader Sep 1, 2009

I know this has been everywhere but I still wanted to post it and say congrats to Tyler. He’s been ripping hard for a while now and I’m glad to see him getting hooked up! Here’s his Leader 729 Trick Star frame.

Here’s the bike in action! Nice 180 bar on a bank. One day I caught shit for saying a 180° bunnyhop was a 270°. “It’s either 180° or 360° John!”

Follow him here at (b)logging miles.

  • If it’s a 270, it’s a 270.

  • they don’t say that in BMX or skateboarding. Which was the point Tom and Tony were making to me when we got into that argument. It’s either 180° or 360°, not increments in between. When you do a 180° on flat, and you over huck it, you don’t call it a 195°

  • Hahaha thanks for the post John. :D

  • 180 bar

  • I’ve heard people say 270 in both skateboarding and bmx. For example, 270ing a hip. More commonly heard in bmx I would say.

    Either way, I was more so agreeing with your using 270 at some point.

  • Isn’t it just an ally oop?

  • that’s what I said! but multiple people said it was just a 180 bar.

  • mike

    Ally Oop barspin.

  • jonnyneedledick

    wtf people say 270 in skateboarding all the time.

    its not backside 360 to lip its 270 to lip, use 270 when it applies and damn the rest

  • Jeff

    couple of ?’s about that bike… first off i swear those are the profile mini-mag cranks for little dudes. profile told me if you’re anywhere NEAR 140 pounds those crumple like tin foil so i cant believe hes riding those. second question is which fork is that? thanks.

  • They are 160 Race cranks not mini magnesium. They can withstand the same amount of beating as the full size, probably more since there is less leverage on them being that they are 160mm.

    The fork is the new Leader Trick for which is available here- http://www.leaderbikestore.com/pd-leader-trick-star-track-steel-fork.cfm

  • weak

    so wait – your riding a 26″ front and 160 cranks and you say you only ride track bikes not 700cmx? at least the people who rip are on 700c fronts and 165 or 170 cranks. that bike looks dumb

  • Correction****I run 165mm cranks****

    650c front wheel, not a 26 and I yes i said i rode track bikes before this because those bikes were designed for the track i.e. true track geometry. The 650 is for barspins which would have been otherwise undoable, and since I ride my bike for more than just parking lots you have to run 165mm cranks otherwise youll die from pedal scrape going fast in turns on the street.

  • I have 170’s on my Merckx track bike and never get pedal scrape.


    Well put man

  • Jeff

    thanks for that response tyler. youre doing a good fakeout with that profile sticker on the crankarm. looks sick though. one other weird question, are those cutouts on the top tube just abstract or is it a symbol or something? ive been staring at that and cant make heads or tails of it.