Tube Hub Sep 14, 2009

Even though there’s no text in the post, I’m guessing this is Fixkin‘s way of getting around the whole compact gearing / lockring problem with fixed gears.

As you may be aware, if you want to run compact gearing, or BMX gearing on a fixed gear, you need a tiny cog. When you’ve got a tiny cog, your lockring is tiny. Once a cog gets to a certain size, it can’t go any smaller because of the diameter of the threading on the hub.

Maybe this fixes it? No idea. Either way it looks like a prototype, so don’t get too excited!

Head over to their site to see the assemblage pictures.

  • benjamin

    I almost feel like 9 teeth will not hold up to the abuse of fixed gear bikes. And with so many people killing it with huge shit the abuse is just going to get way worse. With such a small amout of teeth the wear on the is going to be drastically multiplied. Maybe it will work, even if it doesn’t these hubs will sell amazingly well.

  • erik.b

    regardless of durability. that is pretty damn smart.

  • Jake Olsan

    They are totally ripping off two hub manufacturers from sonoma county, The Hive (Chub) with the huge shell, and White Industries with the eccentric axle.

  • Edward Scoble

    9 teeths? must’ve put a lots of stress on each sprocket, to be honest it’s a solution for something that’s not a problem (changing chainring instead).

    The smallest one currently is the 11 teeth one, and to have a good gear inches of 85 (standard on track bike I think), a 36t chainring is required.

    having said that, I don’t think there’s a lots of rider running chainring smaller than 36.