South Florida Fixed Interviewed Me Sep 1, 2009

Head on over to South Florida Fixed to catch a lil Q&A we set up a few weeks ago.

I talk about bikes, beer, city planning and haters.

  • Ricky

    Get Pitted!

  • matt

    will you be coming to austin when youre in texas?

  • Great background information about your person and your blog. And maybe you visit Germany after Tokyo and Texas to become acquainted with german bikes, beer, city planning and haters! Your’re always welcome…

  • cannnnnnnibal


    “just smack the lip like ‘whapow’!” …” and get pitted, just SO pitted…”

  • eeberleeber

    “cities need to address that for the first time in history, a bicycle has not only become something trendy, but it’s become people’s transportation!”

    Wha? “First time in history” of where? The only cultures unfamiliar with cycling-as-transportation are 1st-world rural and suburban.

    Not to hate on the burbs-to-Brooklyn folks, but ya’ll ain’t exactly cycling OGs.

  • Sorry. US cities. It’s true man! I was in Holland 5 years ago, I know all about proper city planning. But for once, some random city in the middle of nowhere has kids (18-21+) that ride bikes places, rather than driving.