Shiba Friday 09.25 Sep 26, 2009

SHIBA FRIDAY 9.25 from Fixy Life on Vimeo.

Such a great time. Proper song too. Much smaller crowd this night, which was nice. It was a perfect way to end my trip to Tokyo. I was finally riding better, since most my injuries had healed up. My ankles were both bruised still, so I wasn’t trying to go crazy. At the end of the night I fell hard on my foot, fucking it over pretty well. I had a bone poking out, which I popped back in place.

So I went to the hospital tonight with Tak, Yohey and Sada. 1 Hour in the ER and a small amount of money when compared to US healthcare to find that my foot is fractured and I’ll be off the bike for a bit. Small fracture in the big toe bone and a minor dislocation. If I hadn’t popped it back in place at Shiba park, It would have been a painful night.

Tomorrow is my last day in Tokyo. Most of which will be spent traveling to the airport and packing. See you in NYC next week!

Big ups to CMWC, Shiba crew, YO!kohama Fixed Gear, Wbase, Fish & Chips, Homework, 3Bancho and all the others who rode with me this trip. I’m already missing you all! Keep riding and keep killing it! Marco, Nasty and Toku need to come to NYC!

Fixy Life is a great guy, so make sure you follow his blog!

  • sashae

    Careful man! Hippos are supposed to be light on their feet!

    See you when you get back.

  • Carmel

    Proper riding! Hope you heal up soon!
    oh and where did you get that “sex drugs and homework” t-shirt?

  • cannnnnnnibal

    well at least you held it down…
    proper documentation of your trip.

  • taylor

    those dislocations are brutal man! i had mine out of place and it happened up in sf so to duck the bill i took the train home and went to the er there. i didn’t get it popped back in until way later. but by that point they had me on all sorts of pain killers and it just looked like a blood squirting rubber hot dog! haha yeah shit was crazy tho i could actually see the bone through the hole in my foot. sounds like you’ll be out of saddle for a bit :( heal up man.

  • prolly is a good ambassador and not just cause i heart you. cause you are rad as hell….DO ITTTTTT