Reg Harris’ Power Sep 3, 2009

Track racers are monsters. Even before beasts like Boss and Hoy were old enough to ride a bike, men like Reg Harris exhibited pure power at the track. 4 world titles during his career and a post-retirement championship title in 1974 at the age of 54.

This picture shows the strength he possessed. Just look at that chain slack during his final sprint!

  • Holy fuck man, look at those legs and arms, he is ripped to hell! Reg IS a monster!

    Good photo man.

  • localoverground


  • Somekid

    i like how you can see the loose part of the chain

  • aqp

    seems to be riding with a pretty small chainring. i thought track racers in the velodrome usually rode huge gears.

  • folks, come on, this pic is photoshopped! this is the real reg:

  • Two different photos. This is not photoshopped. I’ve seen the magazine where it’s from…