Prolly and Outlier Workwear Pant Giveaway Sep 16, 2009


Prolly is not Probably and Outlier are giving away a pair of the new Outlier Workwear Pants to the best picture of crotch blowout.

Here’s how to win:

– Find a pair of your jeans or any other pants you’ve blown out and leave a picture of it in the comments (see below for instructions).
– Definitely include any pants that have been sewn multiple times and just generally really destroyed.
– Tell us how long it took before your pants were blown out.
– How did happen (points go to humorous mishaps).
– That’s it.

The winner will be announced Saturday September 19th.

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  • Lamour

    Favorite pair of Levis. About 3 months of everyday riding. Wore Turbo saddle out too. Patched up with Keep Watch patches to make myself a custom “winker” jeans.

  • larry

    My gusseted crotch jeans blown out. Patched twice, and patch ripped twice.
    Also a small hole forming on the front side of the gusset. Worn for about 6 months, working everyday on the bike.

  • i dunno how this shit happen, i dont even ride bike.

  • jp

    Here some pics of my extensive repairs

    Bonus shot of an “L” rip from the stupid top tube badge on my Raligh

  • I don’t think any of these are win worthy but some good saddle shred for sure…

  • This pair of corduroys (> jeans) lasted an amazing three months without mending (the last three weeks of which were likely quite unpleasant for anyone sitting across from me). Floss had proven to be more accessible and stronger than most thread for repairs, though, as you can see, my amateur sew job causes the britches to pucker in awkward locations.

    The largest hole was patched with a sock (it was all I could sacrifice), which worked fine for most of Seattle’s crotch-clutching hills, but met its belated demise on a dirt jump trail in the Czech Republic.

    At the risk of waxing verbose, I’ll also add that I had to accompany my brother on a touristy pub crawl that evening. And while the breeze was nice after a day of riding, the lovely ladies of Prague were none too plussed by my hobo couture.

  • red guys lasted me a winter of layered riding, but one sticky summer day i was climbing a railing to post some flyers and BLAMMO. that shit even tore across the seam up to the front! and the thrift-shop cords didn’t even make it to july before going threadbare and flashin panties in uphill efforts…

  • These jeans saw about a year including a hard winter of everyday riding. I patched them with everything from old jeans, an old hat, an a waxed canvas jacket. You can’t see it in the photo but the left leg is patched almost down to the knee on the inside. The best thing is that after I had completely destroyed these pants and thrown them in the closet, I caught wind that the company Mavi would replace any pair of jeans that ripped, so I took these down to their ritzy concept store and traded them in for a brand new pair. They smelled like a diaper or a wet dog.

    I rode those jeans for about 9 months until I was working in Toronto and blew them out in a major way. No funds so I taped them up with duct tape. Everyone I met in the city was so embarassed that they actually held an alleycat called “PANTS FOR CHUNKS”. We raised enough money I got 4 pairs of Dickies!


  • These use to be jeans, but both legs have ripped up the seam and completely off at the knee, they’ve had multiple buttons sewn into them as well as a zipper repair. The belt loops are mostly torn off or not connected too. Can’t seem to get rid of em though, haha.

  • Also to add, my jeans are about 7 years old, and I wore them through high school and on tour twice. They took about 4 of the 7 years to become this way. They only became cut off within the last few months.

    Skateboarding, riding my bike, landscaping job, every day wear. They’ve been solid.

    This is in reference to my last post that I accidentally posted too soon without this extra info..
    sorry for the double post.

  • Had this old pair of levis for about 9 months or so until all the time on the saddle tore them open. They’re all covered in filth because I spent the day sanding the rust and paint off of a fender I was going to refinish for a cruiser! Definitely a well worn pair.

  • Corey MacGregor

    These jeans went through about 9 months of riding before I bought another pair because my girlfriend kept pestering me to get some new ones. If she hadn’t, I probably would have had them for another 9. There’s 6 patches holding the entire crotch area together, there’s a rip that goes from just below the belt down to just before the knee, it’s been sewn up with dental floss but would rip open every 2 weeks or so and I would have to sew it back up again. This made the leg tighter every time it happened. The right leg inseam tore apart and was later sewn back up with floss and a reenforcement patch was sewn on top for extra strength. Same thing with the seam that goes up the butt. The right front pocket was also worn out and patched and sewn numerous times, that’s the pocket I keep my keys in, so the patch jobs would continuously wear out. I had a pair that was even worse but had to throw them out because the right leg fell off.

  • Andrew loaiza

    So these guys were/are my favorite pants. Notice the shade difference in the butt region, and the wallet blow out. The major crotch blow out was a slow process, beginning with an initial small tear from a flying dragon high kick. As time went on it got bigger, until it was large enough to get snagged by the nose of my saddle while rocking back into a seated position. That pretty much did it. The shoe lace repair was from a drive train accident, and all other discolorations are due to salt/rain/sun and any other abrasive element one might find in nature.

  • These Luckys have been torn too many times to count, stretched after every wash, and patched once a week for the last 4 months. When I patch them, a new hole form next to the patch. The pockets can’t actually hold a wallet for very long. These were once full length jeans, but they were torn into shorts on one leg while riding downtown. I tore off the other leg myself to make it even. I still wear these all too often and people can tell if I don’t change my boxers. :(

  • Mark

    All in all about a year and a half’s worth of holes and patches, (almost) all of it from riding. There’s actually a lot I still have to fix but have just been too lazy to deal with. Note the tubes at the bottom ’cause I almost sewed my pants onto me permanently!

    Good luck to everyone entering! Those Outliers are killer!

  • (Aptly named) Cheap Mondays
    Original tear came at around 3 weeks of wear from biking. Wore them to the Madball/Suicidal Tendencies show at Irving Plaza on December 4th. It was snowing.

    Tore them completely through by the first ST song. Moshed the rest of the night with my fucking balls hanging out. Rode home in the fucking snow, balls still out.

  • Tim Hart

    Not great but rode on these about three months when they busted throwing my leg over my saddle. The breeze was nice since it was an Arizona summer but the dirty looks I got from customers and employees at Target while buying a pair of gym shorts to wear home and bandanna to patch it weren’t so great. It wasn’t the most opportune time for briefs, although it could’ve been worse.

  • my 3 most recent crotch blowouts.
    this happens to me all the time. i go through countless pairs of pants

  • greg

    I wore these corduroy pants for years…they were my favorite trousers
    and by the time they were converted into shorts they were on their way out.

  • APC New Standards, three years old purchased lightly used for $80 and with approximately 250-300 full days’ use. This includes cycling, working at a bike shop, rock climbing, rustling around under cars, etc. These are some of the most solidly made jeans I’ve ever worn (Sugar Cane and others included).

    You can see the first professional patches outlined by their stitching whereas the secondary ones done by myself are an exposed single layer and are still holding out. The gussets on the crotch are starting to feather and the stitching is loosening. The denim is glazed over with three years of dirt and grime, but any wear has been manageable.

    These are the kind of jeans I think any Outlier product should shoot for, material notwithstanding. Denim has its perks, durability being the most notable, and its downfall, namely the smell. I’ve always wanted to field test Outlier’s stuff but find it a little out of my budget.

    I’ve never fallen for the “Just go buy some Dickies and patch them” bit as I’ve had too many inexpensive pants tear catastrophically from the crotch to the knee from catching a tiny hole on the saddle.

  • Ok guys, I fixed the formatting, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the “width=500” tag!

  • Bryce Bond

    send a waist 36 to 7614 hampton ave, west hollywood CA, 90046 apt#4

    Love your pants! i go to out a lot and people will ask me where i got them.

    Bryce M Bond

    1(323) 875-4444

  • Tom Briggs

    CHUNKS FOR THE WIN!!!! All of that about the Alley Cat in his honor was totally true. I attended it and it was awesome. Chunks those pants were disgusting dude. Chunks totally needs to win this contest!

  • toaster_cake

    ok so these were some van’s skinny jeans i had bought last year. used them for school and for biking, one saturday in the summer, the metal plate on my turbo saddle ripped a hole in my pants. for the next hour everytime i sat, it felt cold and wet and at first i thought i pissed myself. eventually i found out there was a rip near the grundle area. after hopping on my bike again for the next few hours, it ripped massively around my crotch area. i managed to destroy a good pair of pants in one day. o and i had ripped them well in the early afternoon and was about 5 miles away from my house. what did i do for the rest of the day? i went to the nearest walgreens, picked up some pink duct-tape and taped the shit out of it. was itchy for the rest of the day but i managed

  • toaster_cake



    having problems posting up images, sorry

  • brianchhhhhhun

    The product of my brass balls polishing the saddle.

  • NicfromAustin

    Denim cut-offs patched with random piece of canvas and old tube as the tear got wider. all of my underwear have a worn out grundle also. i’m all of 20 hours into a new pair of pants from vans and they’re already going too.

    this pair tore my first day of community college/23rd birthday. i sat in remedial math in a pair of nikes cut off a telephone line a black flag shirt and my underwear hanging out of the tear in the grundle of my shorts. the 18 year old girl sitting next to me was terrified.

  • Not much to say, loved the way they looked but every time I got aggressive in them they would blow out. At least 10 separate repair sessions but no big deal…The sewing machine and I have become fast friends.




  • Took a year too get to this state, I didn’t notice at the time thereby spending an hour showing my crotch/arse to most of the town I was in whilst riding around.

  • Lander

    I’ve worn these jeans for over a year and have had to repair them several times. The first time was just a few weeks into wearing them, and the repairs continue once every two or three weeks.

  • Dan Batson

    This is a pair of Levis 511s that saw 3 seasons of daily riding. I took them in to the cleaners twice and told them to sew the ass back in. The method they used was almost invisible from the outside of the jeans. The saddle I was using at the time (San Marco Laser) pretty much caused the denim to disintegrate. So basically, the ass just fell out and the cleaners put a new one in. Twice. The jeans didnt actually rip until the nose of my saddle stabbed one of the areas that didnt have a patch. I havent retired these yet as they are super comfortable. These contests youve been throwing are cool John. Good luck everyone!

  • a pair of j brands. epic sad.

  • Josh Linklater

    Like an old hotrod or something, these denim have seen better days, and are quickly becoming more hassle than they’re worth.

    -Both knees blown out, only one patched though
    -Hole on thigh
    -Crotch has been patched and blown out 3 times
    -Cuffs stitched into permanent folded position, were about to fall off
    -Holes in both pockets
    -Looks like every seam is about to go
    -What was a small hole under the rear right pocket; it got caught up in my saddle, tore pretty good. I was on my way to the first day of university; pretty good timing.

    These started off raw, almost black. First hole appeared within a few weeks, and it all went south from there.

    Still my faves though.

    Unless i get hooked with a new set of Outliers.

  • Paul

    I go to school in central CT and ride my bike everyday regardless of weather cause I don’t have a car. So most of the winter I ride with thermals too. I have a picture of 3 pairs of pants here, 2 of them have blowouts not on the seam. I restitched the seam on both of them at least twice and they still only lasted one season. The corduroy pair I stopped wearing on my bike because I wasn’t in the mood to lose them too. That’s just from last season. There was a fourth pair from last winter but I think they got thrown out they were so wrecked after getting fixed at least three or four times.

    Also, I passed out on the 1 train when I was partying too hard last winter and someone just cut my wallet straight out of my pants. Those never got a chance to get blown out.

  • I mostly wear black denim, so it’s tough to see the frankenstein sew job I attempted on these the night I ripped them. Every bike accident I’ve had has been in these pants– I’m not sure I want to believe they’re bad luck yet! Anyway, I ride rain or shine and this happened to be a rainy, drunk night. The pants are thin to begin with, but at a traffic light I stepped off a little too heavily to the side of my frame and the empty brake holes tore a nice hole in the leg. As I continued to ride the rest of that evening, getting in and out of the saddle or on/off my bike was a joke. It kept finding its way right into the hole and grabbing the wet fabric, continuously ripping it. I showed up to my destinations soaked, with my entire thigh / crotch region exposed. Might not matter if you’re a dude, but it’s hard to be a presentable, sassy lady looking like that.

  • PS. you don’t even want to see the front knees of that pair

  • riot_hero

    wow, I was going to take some pics but mine seems minor compared to some of the massive carnage around here. It looks like someone was trying to smuggle wolverine in from Canada.

  • PhilD

    The shitty part about my photos is I never rode my bike in either pair.. These both took about a year to be destroyed just from everyday shit like walking around. It was especially sad to see the ironhearts crap out since they are supposed to be “motorcycle wear” and they are 21oz thick. The levis 501’s im wearing now have outlasted both these pairs of jeans for 1/10 the cost.

  • isti

    my pants had been worn through and patched a couple of times. one day I had some spare time after lessons so I went practicing wheelies in the school yard. on one occasion I jumped off but the pants got caught in the saddle and were ripped wide open…

  • isti

    sorry about the previous comment with the wrong image source..

  • After these AG’s wore out in the crotch, the brilliant Polish seamstress on Burnside pleaded with me not to bike in them. Since I bike everywhere, that was non-negotiable. But she agreed to repair them, with one condition: “I don’t do ugly!” She wanted a perfect, seamless fix, not a contrasting-color patch sewn on with huge stiches. I said go ahead and do your magic.

    She patched the jeans on the inside with some durable material, and then stitched back and forth across it with the grain of the jeans in a perfectly color-matched thread. You can hardly tell she did anything, and the repair has lasted longer than the original jeans did!

    If you’re in Portland, hit her up. She’ll talk your ear off, but suck it up, cause she’s a genius. 20th & E Burnside, “Stitch N A Hurry”.

    You can see from the repair how extensive the damage was.

    But post-repair, they’re almost as good as new! Maybe better!

  • ooookay so i’ve got couple here. first are what are now a pair of “bike shorts” i can barely wear anymore.

    these were a pair of uni qlo jeans i got second hand they might have lasted me a few months. this is the second pair of pants i experienced blowout with once i started biking as my main transport. i’m short [stubby legs long torso] and my bike frame was big so every time i’d put my leg up to get over the frame i’d hear RIIIIP and the hole would get bigger.

    i patched it so much i lost sight of the main inseam and had to cut the legs off to use them as a patch for the middle. now when i wear them a huge pouch hangs down from my crotch…

    The second are my “tour jeans.” Last year I went on tour with the band mose giganticus from philly to alaska in a veggie oil bus playing guitar. a friend had convinced me to buy these kind of fancier “raw denim” jeans claiming they’d hold up better than the above second handers. no dice. i still wear these jeans a lot but after a couple WEEKS of bike riding before tour, then probably a month on the road [out of about 8] from just normal active/carrying gear/running around in the wilderness when the bus is broken wear they started getting patched. the bottom blew out on these AND the front above the pocket. the three stripey patches aren’t covering anything, they’re the product of a 24 hour long drive from colorado to portland. everything else is functional. i still need to fix the pocket, there’s safety pins popping out right now. i even had to patch my patches once i started biking again after i got back home, those patches are on the inside of the other patches, you can kind of see the holes in the crotch patches i tried to sew the two patches together a bit to keep them from disintegrating. i do love these jeans but i rarely wear them now.

    i’ve yet to encounter a pair of jeans that can last past 3-4 months of daily riding a bike 7 miles to work.

  • ah crap i just saw the 500 width comment i thought it was just an example at the top. i’m sorry! if you can delete my entry i can repost it proper!

  • justin

    groupo shot

    pbj japan 1 year no wash crotch blow out. patched and washed

    nudies 1 year no wash crotch blow out.enforced with thread.

    thx for letting me picture whore :D
    and all crotch blow outs are due to your mom.

  • Dan

    I bought these jeans in 2005. In 2006, I moved to New York and started biking as a daily means of transport. Somewhere towards the beginning of the very cold part of the fall, a fledgling crotch hole appeared. I ignored it as it was modest and a little endearing. In the coming months it’s presence crept slowly towards the left cheek, but I was broke almost constantly and simply couldn’t afford new pants. My sewing skills are sub par so any half measure I attempted to address the burgeoning problem inevitably failed. The hole, now in it’s adolescence, was still not presenting a huge problem, yet. One day, while dismounting my bike, the front of my saddle caught itself in the hole and promptly exposed my genitals in one fell rip. For the rest of the day I was intensely paranoid about what angle people were looking at me. I attempted to the patch the whole several times but the seams always teared the second I mounted my bike (the bike I was riding at the time was a size too big for me). I tried to additionally simply ignore the hole but feeling the breeze on the twig and berries isn’t nearly as pleasant as one would expect so in the summer of 2007 I had to retire this old soldier.

  • lakser

    wait what

  • lakser

    wait what

  • pat pasco

    The top pair used to be pants. The crotch blew out and I thought it would be better if I turned them into cut off. I don’t know what I was thinking, cause that didn’t make a difference. I quickly retired those cutoffs.

    The Levis I blew out within 2 months or wearing them almost everyday. I got it patched up. Then a month later the not patched section of the crotch blew out and I got that patched. It totally blows since they’re my favorite pair of pants and I go through them pretty quickly.

  • pat pasco

    The top pair used to be pants. The crotch blew out and I thought it would be better if I turned them into cut off. I don’t know what I was thinking, cause that didn’t make a difference. I quickly retired those cutoffs.

    The Levis I blew out within 2 months or wearing them almost everyday. I got it patched up. Then a month later the not patched section of the crotch blew out and I got that patched. It totally blows since they’re my favorite pair of pants and I go through them pretty quickly.

  • dave ross

    Good luck everyone!
    sorry if this picture is huge…
    OK so weve got a pair of levi 514’s here with about a 2 dozen repairs done. There is thread, boxers material, t shirt material, superglue, mighty mendit, rubber cement, and staples utilized to “fix” the blowouts.
    The blowouts are from; saddle wear, the springs popping out from my driver’s seat in my car and tearing into my ass, trying to slide down a banister that had kinks in it, climbing up the side of a church, hopping a fence, joke-lunging, having a ‘who can kick that thing off of the top of that other thing’ contest, and general crotch rub.
    The whole local area of the blowouts is hard, and flaky from the liberal amounts of mighty mendit present. when i wear them, it kinda feels a bit like i have sharp, dry boogers lining my crotch area. just saying.

  • b3ans

    Purchased these Studio D’Artsan jeans in Japan, worn them since early 2008. When the denim started to become thin, the holes started appearing. No funny stories, just everyday riding is causing the damage. Every little patch there is a seperate repair job. My tailor hates me. The good thing is, this one pair has lasted me 1.5 years and are still going strong.



    Ken (New Zealand)

  • b3ans

    Ken (New Zealand)

  • Blayne from Canada

    I would have definitely won this if I wasn’t stuck in a hospital bed with a tube in my chest, preventing me from uploading a photo of my totally exploded several times over pants.


  • Catfish

    its a crotch blowout + mudbutt collabo.

  • Gabriel Wolf

    Really tight pants, small holes become huge holes when you skid and the nose of your seat gets caught on your pants. Gave the drivers behind me a great view those days.

  • Ran

    Originally these started giving way around the back pockets and were fairly thoughtfully gusseted with a layer of brown cheek panels. Months later the cheek panels gave way and an the emergency manpon was applied.

    The manpon still in fair condition, problems have began to form elsewhere.

  • On some of these pairs i wonder how long they had to keep riding with a the original whole to come upon the second one.


    CHUNKS wins/end thread