Profile Splined Sprocket Sep 29, 2009

Just one of the many new Profile goods to be released shortly. The introduction of splined sprockets is a huge step for the company IMO.

From Profile:

We rolled out the Chrome Moly Gun Drilled Hollow bottom bracket spindles about halfway through last year to great response. If people liked CrMo GDH, then they’re probably going to love Titanium GDH spindles. Also shown is our entry into the spline drive sprocket sweepstakes. Made from 7075 with a hardened CrMo insert, they are strong as well as light and enable you to run cranks with no sprocket bolt bosses. This prototype is a 25t, but expect us to have all the popular sizes when they hit retail.

Profile Fixed sent me some other goodies that I’ll be putting on the Bruiser this weekend. Once they’re all set-up, I’ll be posting pics.

  • Do you have the inside scoop on whether or not they will be doing sizes fixed riders are looking for such as 31, 34, or 37t?

  • jonnyneedledick

    and there we go!!!! now i hope they make a 46 toothy

  • I’d say it’s safe to say yes.

  • mike.m.

    yes a huge step for them to start using an idea that was conceptualized/realized by 1 guy from st louis, mo. named sam schulte. []

  • 1 – Tree didn’t patent it
    2 – Many other companies have done it too.
    3 – Profile makes their products in the USA
    4 – Profile’s products are easier to come by
    5 – It’s still a huge step for them and the fixed market.

  • dontcoast

    first time anything has ever made me want a bmx type setup for fixed or polo. sweet.
    …yet more schtuff to save up for.

    Seems like it would be super easy to change chainrings on the fly, which, if true, could make switching from street to polo gearing easier

    sounds like mike m. is just giving credit where it’s due, rather than hatin or moping about it. and i think that giving credit is great.

  • jonnyneedledick

    well it obviously worked wonders for sam since…. the link you posted to treebicycles is defunct.
    and i heard that sam ripped it off of splined shafts in clockwork watch fabrication. lulz.

  • The Sprocket is pretty sexy too…..

  • mike.m.

    Sorry, correct link:

    All of Trees machined stuff is made in Kansas City by Phil Wasson [former FBM bmx pro]

    And yeah, it was just a give credit where its due type thing.

  • john

    dontcoast: it’s a hell of a lot easier to change a regular track chainring on the fly, you’re going to have remove the cranks and hammer the spline drive fucker off.

    and yes, tree make their sprockets in the usa too.

  • vincent

    i think profile racings sprockets are going to have way better colorways