Only in New York Sep 14, 2009

This Wednesday, at the Clic Gallery, from 6 – 9pm come check out “Only in New York”. Sue will be there signing copies of her upcoming book, “Street Level – New York Photographs 1987 – 2007”. 20 years of epicness like the photo above.

See ya there!

  • interesting… lets see if I can make for this one

  • hey john, greetings from london

    sue kwon came to 14bikeco last month!
    she’s super nice and just sprung up out of the blue, then I discovered that she also took beautiful photos. super stoked about her new book she was talking about, and that you’ll be going along, and I was wondering if you could send love from us all at 14bikeco & fixedgearlondon, and say sorry we couldn’t be there

    much love, mikey

  • Kai’s mom!

  • sue

    john, mikey, andy!! i just want to say thankyou AGAIN. I truly appreciate your support. hope to meet you john(mikey, andy, fortuntately i already know you!)
    x sue