Nigel Sylvester Firsthand Sep 3, 2009

It’s the 2 wheel culture – doesn’t matter if it’s a mtb, bmx, track bike, fixie, no matter what it is, we all experience the same thing riding through the city… Just something about bikes man.

Well put and such a great video. Worth the watch. Keep ripping Nigel! He’s always one of the first people to say hey at the BK Banks and no beef with fixed gears whatsoever. Such a nice guy.

Seriously, watch the whole thing. There are a ton of clips, cameos and other tidbits. Interbike ’08 complete with a shot of Affinity’s booth. Bike polo, track bikes, messengers and even a story about Ghost Bikes.

Riding with no brakes is way better

  • Bill

    It’s awesome to hear when BMXers respects all forms of riding. I myself have been riding BMX for over 10 years now and have always felt the same way. In recent years I started to get into fixed gears as a more appropriate means of transportation over the BMX and I have to say that riding the fixed gear is just as much of a thrill as riding my BMX. I really hate when I check The Come Up and there’s nothing but hate on fixed gears. We’re all just trying to have fun with what we love the most, our bikes.

  • thtas the cat that rides for nike right?

  • Ryan

    Yeah he rides for 6.0, and honestly himself and Reynolds are BOSS. They just do wild shit. And on a side note…breaking a femur is crazy business, can’t imagine the pain.

  • Damn, Nigel is so sick. I somehow missed this before. I really appreciate when people have positive attitudes about all kinds of riding. It seems absolutely ridiculous to hate on how someone else rides a bike.

  • mike

    360 to smith… 180 crooked grind on a handrail, halfcab barspin out… never seen that shit before. dude looks like he can almost hop over the fucking cars.