Mike Carney’s Dropout Sep 29, 2009


Jeff at All-City just posted some pics of Mike Carney’s Dropout build. Dig the french gray color and the white fork. Looks crispy!

Mike Carney’s Bike Check from vincent shim on Vimeo.

And in case you missed it, here’s Mike’s bike check he did while I was in Tokyo.

  • observer

    why have all that space around the seat stays and no room at all around the chain stays? and why wouldn’t they gusset the bike? the fork looks bigger than the tubes and thats a recipe for disaster.

  • aj

    that could just be from the 650 on a unicrown fork? does it need a 650 to clear well? I thought the drop out frame set had pretty non traditional geometery like the bruiser?

  • aj

    also that half link chain in the pictures in on upside down and backwards.

  • I’m sure the frame clears a 700c. Regarding the space around the seatstay vs. the chainstay, that’s an aesthetic decision I’m sure. The wheel does look pinched at the drivtrain though. Jeff talks about the lack of gussets on Trick Track. Go here to read it:

    I like the bike. The more the merrier. I’m stoked for Jeff, doing what we all would like to do. Really stoked on those hubs :cough: :cough:

  • For what it’s worth, that’s a 26″ up front. I’m really excited for this frame.

  • observer

    not the front the back

    why the extra space on the seat stay and little space at the chainstay and tires?

  • Jeff Frane

    in response to some questions:

    You can fit a 40c in those chainstays, so no worries about clearance.

    Carney rides a 26″ wheel, I have a 700c front on mine and I can do multliple barspins out of a trackstand no problem. Which in my opinion is an indicator that there’s plenty of barspin clearance.

    The production model may or may not have a gusset on the headtube, we still need to do more validating before making a decision. A first gen protoype is about trying things and seeing how they work out, it’s an avenue for exploration. Many of the aspects of this bike are essentially “finished” others are still in flux. Don’t be surprised if there are noticeable changes between now and production, we’re just at the stage where we’re shipping the bikes off to be ridden by our sponsored guys. Based on their feedback and our own in house testing we will change and improve the design for production.

    Oh and about those hubs, Prolly when we have a production set available you’ll be the first to know. No way I want to have a review done of a first gen prototype. To quote some engineering friends, “a protoype is just the fucked up version.”

    They are great now, but the final version will be solid gold.

  • carney

    The photo of the rear is pretty deceiving. My wheel, which is pretty slammed in there could fit something close to a 38. If I added another couple of links, on my embarrassingly upside down halflink, I’d be able to put any tire in there that my heart desired.

    I rode Jeff’s bike a couple of weeks ago with a 700c on the front, the clearance felt very similar to my large cutter, dmr fork and 700. Which means it barspins excellent.