Meiji Park Trick Jam 09.21 Sep 23, 2009

The Trick contest at Meiji Park of tokyo 9/21 2009 from on Vimeo.

Meiji park is where Wbase and JAN threw a trick jam and alleycat on Monday night. There were a ton of people there and a good amount of them were doing tricks. I’ve never seen so many freestyle riders in one place before. The video doesn’t even scrape the surface.

My ankles and leg were giving me hell and were all swollen and bruised, so I didn’t get to ride much and after the cops shut down the contest, with 40 more people left to ride, I decided to head home and get some sleep.

Phoenix threw together an edit from the night, complete with some interviews. It:s a little long, but totally worth the watch. Marco and Nasty kill it.

  • jonnyneedledick

    when you legally changing your last name to prolly?
    do it!

  • jonnyneedledick

    damn….ummm… thems kids are good.. leave it to japan to up the ante! ccchhhrist

  • Sven

    was a crazy night! too bad the cops showed up at both places :(

  • I like how everyone was super supportive and cheered the riders on. Much more than any contest I have been to in california.