LOOP Magazine Out-takes Sep 5, 2009

180 out of the bank

Tak was kind enough to ask me to shoot some pictures for an editorial on Brooklyn for LOOP Magazine. He took portraits of the Peel Sessions crew and Jeremiah and I at the McCarren pool bank.

full cab gap into bank

Here are some out-takes.

thanks TAK!

  • mike

    big fucking air john! you got 180 skills!

  • I am so stoked that I was in this… ha.

  • kyle

    I don’t think I am up on the trick lingo…are you telling me you fakie 360ed into that wooden jammer? If so…someone has finally impressed me. That would definitely be difficult for me on a BMX bike.

  • A fakie 360 hop into the bank?? if so that pretty sick!

  • drew

    full cab gap. fucking ill.

  • yeah Kyle, a full cab. You pivot a bit beforehand, so it’s not like a full 360 bunnyhop, but you still land fakie. Like the 540 cabs, it’s not a full 540 air. Not a lotta bmxrs do fakie 360 bunnyhops, a lot still pivot a bit before the bunnyhop. I almost got it down a 3 set too.

    Some local bmxrs were there filming the line. I’ve got an older video of it, before they lifted the bank up and created the gap.