Japan Pt. 1 Sep 19, 2009

I’ve uploaded some pics from the past two days to my Flickr. Be sure to checkem out!

Yesterday we rode around with a big group of people, catching lines through traffic, wheelies, hitting spots right off the street, skid sliders and just hauling ass around the different neighborhoods. Got to meet Andy of Fyxomatosis, Eli from Japan, numerous other people and a ton of the Tokyo trick riders. Big ups!

  • Andrew

    Looks like you’re having a good time out there. When you get a chance stop by Kinfolk lounge in Nakameguro. Also, the owner and waitress at the restaurant below Kinfolk speak English and are pretty friendly, good place for a chill dinner.

  • ur a n8

    White Eli? if so, tell him I said hello.

  • Andrew

    P.S. Your W-Base photo looked awfully familiar… mine also taken on a G10.

  • Doug

    holler if you find any well priced 55–56cm squared keirin frames without dents

  • thx for your blog! good job and nice pics ;)

  • John, I set up CMWC 2009 group on Flickr
    Feel free to add yours.

    And who is this guy checking your bike?
    He looks EXACTLY like this guy I work with.

  • You’ve got a lot of jealous readers back here in the states. Been flipping through flickr for a minute now.