Icarus Dirt Track Sep 3, 2009

Ian does lovely work and this is just one example. Icarus is a frame builder from Boston that has been churning out beautiful frames for a little while now. My friend Jody has had one for about a year and Ian made him those custom aero track drops not too long ago. Another NY’r, Nikola just got an S&S couplered track frame from him too!

Nice subtle detailing here. Nothing over the top. This bike rules. I’d love to rip around a grasstrack on it! I’m sure Lucian will enjoy it!

  • Ryan

    What does the description of Jody’s bike mean by “platinum chainstays”?

  • baller status son!

    (I have no idea)

  • lo ve

    I love icarus. I just wish he would wear more see through tank tops.

  • holy moly thats nice. fork crown detail has got me zapped.

  • Icarus

    Platinum refers to a level of true temper tubing. They go verus, verus ht, platinum and S3.