H+Son EERO Trick Rims Sep 8, 2009

H+Son has finally released spy pics of their trick rim, the EERO (air-o). These rims are 22mm wide, 43mm deep and are made to take a beating.

Wider profile to fit bigger tires
Heavier than Formation Face with thicker walls
Made of 6061 aluminium alloy
Priced lower than Formation Face
Welded and smoothed joint just like FF, the strongest rim joint possible
43.33333333333333333333333mm high

Out soon!

Shit, if they were 28mm wide, I’d be all over them. The increased depth would totally help with a rear wheel’s durability. Who’s gonna make a 43mm deep and 28mm wide rim? Someone?

  • hustlejr

    I’ll do it for you John, time to give back to the community.

  • a

    did they seriously just make them a third of a millimeter deeper than B43’s after velocity made those one millimeter deeper than the formation face? this is just silly

  • JW

    There are tough 29er (700c) rims already on the market that are wider than 22mm. Look at the Velocity Blunt (28mm), I’ve been beating on one for a year with no problems. Deep rims aren’t necessary to make a rim that can take abuse, just look to the 29er MTB products. Sun, WTB and Stan’s also have wide, burly rims on the market. If its performance and not style that is the driving force, any of these companies have the goods.

    What tires are you looking to run on the 28s?

  • trust me. I’ve trashed dozens of 29r rims. With the fixed freestyle riding, all it takes is a miscalculated nose-pivot or a big 180 down a stair set and you’ll break most rims. 29r rims aren’t deep enough. You’ll need at least 24mm wide and 35mm deep rims for fixed gear riding. The shorter the spokes, the better. I’m riding 36h 4x wheels. Right now I have a profile hub laced to a Velocity Chukker. Love the rims, just with they were wider, so I could run a 40c tire and not have the bead pop every time I do a 540 cab.

  • “… so I could run a 40c tire and not have the bead pop every time I do a 540 cab.”

    Sweet brag.

  • anonymous

    Well to be honest, I guess prolly can’t say anything bad about velocity since he gets the hook up but anyone else think its a bitch move to make the b43 1 mm over the formation face? at least H+son has a little humor here and there.

  • Not bragging. Tons of people can do those. It’s nothing to brag about. But it is one of the tricks that cause the beads to pop off. I don’t pop them on 180’s so much, unless it’s off something.

    I’m not sponsored by Velocity, I just got a few rims from them. Whatever guys, it’s playful competition. Not a big deal. I do wish someone would have a width + depth battle though! haha.

  • jason

    Dave T*nk, get those backwards circles yet cousin? lay off. Prolly aint bragging hes telling the truth. Beads pop off the chukkers a lot. I think the bsd is off. too shallow or somthing.

  • 4x have longer spokes than 3x.

  • Yes, true, but the 4x spokes on a 43mm deep rim are shorter than the 4x spokes on a 32mm deep rim…