Hoarding Sep 16, 2009

Velo Cult has a nice little post about hoarding saddles. There was a time a while back, where my parts bin had 20 Turbos. 10 were NOS that I bought from a shop in Washington that was selling off their inventory. The rest were various Supers, Gels, Bernard Hinaults and Bios. Over time I sold them when I needed money and now I think I’m down to 5. Now with the re-issue, I feel like I don’t need to hoard them as much.

The only saddles I’m squirreling away now are the Cinelli Unicanitors and the Concors. As long as those two saddle’s re-issues are far-off from matching the originals, It’ll stay that way.

Many props to Velo Cult for the rad post and pics!

  • kruz

    Are you really sure that the Concor re-issue is so off?
    I tought it was dead on, as their Rolls!

  • totally off. I have a Concor that’s over 20+ years old, that I ride almost daily. I bought a new one when they came out and the material came off the shell in a few weeks. Sure the Rolls is legit, but they never stopped making those. Maybe if the concor was leather and not suede? Dunno…

  • Yes,old comcors are very good(IMHO)But hey,ill say again,im waiting for vintage suede unicanitors in funky fresh colors…then i would seriously hoard those.

  • m

    i am a concor hog as well. 10 or so and counting….

  • steven

    that’s so different unicanitors are the new ones that bad?

  • Jolan

    A friend of mine found a Unicantor in a parts bin for $3, he queried the price and the dude thought he was having a go at him for selling it for too much… so it gave it to him for a $1!