Fixed Gear Gallery Covers Affinity’s 2010 Line Up Sep 30, 2009

Dennis was out in full force this year, covering Interbike through a series of browser-crashing posts at Fixed Gear Gallery. His most recent post has a ton of pics from Brooklyn-based Affinity‘s 2010 line up.

I think it’s rad that Stoned Tone donated his work bike to the booth. That’s what a NYC messenger’s bike looks like. Worn out in all the right areas. Seriously, the top of the stem!

Be sure to head over to the site to see the rest of Affinity’s fixed gear line for 2010, including a Profile and Hold Fast decked-out Cyclone prototype.

Affinity also just relaunched their website and blog. Jason posted his Tokyo and Interbike recap earlier today, so go check it out!

  • Some great looking bikes, the juxtaposition of those three bikes rocks a little bit. From track and back.

  • damn snaps

    Is Affnity offering a warranty on that trick frame? Because looks like it would snap under the type of riding people are doing now. One landing wrong off a drop.

    I like the carbon frame how much will it be and what wheels are those?

  • Carmel

    It’s a Mavic (as you may see) Comete rear and Io front wheel, both carbon. But I think it’s an aluminum frame.