Fixé Magazine Launch Sep 9, 2009

Fixé Magazine has finally been released. The French publication puts an interesting spin on track bikes and fixed gears.

So far so good!

Pick yours up now at your international book stand, or at Cream. Also be sure to follow their blog here!

Via Shoes-Up

  • Well the covergirl passes the light-between-the-thighs test!

  • tron

    ew john can i tell you how much i HATE the nudie girl & bike photos. boooo. sure the photography is nice but seriously i’m so bored with people just using naked girls to make the bikes look more appealing to sell copies of yet ANOTHER fixed gear magazine. sorry, i’d rather read Cog or Fixed since there’s more substance in those mags than naked chicks and bikes hanging out in the corner with cool lighted shots. naked girls have nothing to do with bike culture. the least these mags can do is actually put girls in it who ride and are involved with the bike community.

  • Tron, sounds like it’s time for NYC to make a magazine then. You’re not the first person to say this. But if we cut out everything that had nudity or showed men / women in a sexist light, there’d be little media left.

    Sex sells. Not saying I agree with Fixé, hell, the name alone bugs me, but it is always good to have multiple media outlets covering the “fixed gear movements” or whatever from different countries. Nudity is no stranger to the French either. Hell, French Vogue has tons of nudity…

  • robotphood

    I want bikes and I want nudity. Win.

  • dan

    john your argument is bullshit. I would love to type for a while about why but my good friend eva already wrote it better then i could. so i will just link her post about this pathetic excuse for a cycling mag.

  • Do I really have to read all that? Woulda made for a good editorial in a magazine… Just sayin’

  • who the fuck cares

    If you don’t like it don’t buy it.

    How old is that girl Eva? 18? Right out of highschool and took a few classes. Reminds me of the crusties who sat outside the gymnasium in college protesting all the time.

    Negative publicity is still publicity. Public Relations 101. Take that class.

  • dan

    sure no one has to buy it and i know i wont. its not really about that.

    your right about the publicity thing. but when its in your face like that saying nothing about it is just the same as saying its OK.

    who cares how old Eva is? Her points are valid and well articulated. just because someone is young and took a couple college classes don’t mean they can’t spot sexist bullshit when they see it. everybody knows sex sells but maybe women are tired of only seeing themselves in magazines naked. think about it for a second “who the fuck cares” cause clearly you do.

    thank you for putting your name down by the way.

    And yes john you should read all of it or if you want we can talk about it not on the internet.

  • i think some people might have gotten the wrong idea, basing the content of the whole mag off of these few shots posted. this is just one editorial + one cover, and beautifully shot at that. it’s a FRENCH MAGAZINE people- the french love sex, more than we do. they inject it into all facets of their culture. This is what they want to see! So they put a nude girl on the cover to sell some copies, so what. It was tastefully done.

    i’m a girl and i’m not offended by this at all. I realize I’m probably a small percentage of girls who feels this way on the subject, but I’m not offended by the cover, nor do I feel it is exploitative. being a graphic designer, magazine addict, bike owning, fashion-obsessed girl that i am, i feel like i have every perspective to fully appreciate this for what it is. Fixé is trying to put a new spin on fixed gear culture, and “extreme sports” mags for that matter.

    i find it way more interesting that they are including coverage of the culture that surrounds the bike scene (seeé%231+bis.jpg), rather than mags like transworld that are so formulaic. Just talking to friends, and other girls I meet, I come across a lot who feel like it’s a boys sport, too niche, dirty, etc. etc.

    Showing sexy girls and girls in more “fashionable” non-bike apparel (even if they are models and not “real” bike chicks) I think opens up more girls to this world, and yeah gets a lot of guys off in the process. Yeah there’s a fine line between exploitation and sex appeal, but seriously people, stop being so early last century about this.

    I doubt anyone commenting has even picked up a copy and looked through the whole thing before making a judgement call, and neither have I, but I’m one of the last people who will go decide a product “objectifies women” based off of one photograph of a naked female.

  • Dan, of course I read it. Just like I read anything people put their time and effort into.

    Look, it’s not a serious cycling magazine. It’s clearly a fasionistapista magazine. People don’t complain about Asian women on “Honda tuning” mags, or the swimsuit issue. Take it at face value…

    If it were COG, Urban Velo or Rouleur, I think you could get upset, but clearly it’s not in the same caliber… It shouldn’t even be called a “cycling magazine”. From what I can see, it’s more of a fashion magazine with a cycling spin. Much like most of the French magazines.

    Regarding her being nude, I have a friend who shoots photo-pornography. She’s a woman and believes in woman’s rights. She’ll say 1000x that it’s more sexist for someone to tell a women where and when she can be nude. Making a judgment call just because she is a woman that is posing nude is where the sexism lies…

  • lady_rachel

    when i was in paris i was amazed by the french and their use of naked women to sell deodorant on television. fact is world wide, sex sells (where i stand with that is neither here nor there), but it’s the truth.

    a naked woman + bike will accomplish their objective…sell magazine to target audience…MALE fixed gear riders.
    something like this can (and will) alienate women readers (as tron noted) however, there’s no denying this, the community is male dominated. it’s not the magazines job to make everyone feel equal, it’s to sell their product…

    i find myself to be less offended by something like this and more offended by the many blogs and flickr groups of girls using bikes (sometimes a boys bike) and their half-naked bodies and sexuality to compensate for talent.

    it aggravates me so much to see girls taking the easy way out (in any situation) rather than putting in time and gaining respect… just as men do. the female riders that are, have the respect of fellow riders, and are inspiring others-myself included. however until more start doing this, naked women straddling frames will continue to sell magazines and grace blogs all over the net.

  • EVA

    thanks for fulfilling my expectations!!!! i love how i get called out on BEING FUCKING EDUCATED. i’m not straight out of high school, and i didn’t just take a couple college classes. i ride my bike every day rain or shine and i live my life as a fucking female, which is a better lesson than any mary daly seminar ever was. fuck you.

  • ummmm… ok. Comments closed. No more freak-outs necessary.