Black Metal GOrilla Sep 14, 2009

Proper build from GOrilla. Big-ass tires, all black, Hold Fast and wide bars. Bitchin’ new whip being ridden by Wonka in the EU, all murdered out. All it needs is a black Tree Lite sprocket.

Via Rotterdam Fixed Gear

  • kyle

    SHIT! Another one that I would ride! You guys are killin me! Big ups Wonka!

  • Jeff

    where the hell ARE all the tree lite sprockets?

  • Ruffian

    Tear it up! That looks like one solid bike. Congrats.

  • jakob

    is he going to break this like all the others? didnt he have a blue one with some weird reinforcement at the front tubes? did he break that too? old man ciocc is going to get tired of building these bikes.

  • Carl Lucas

    What tires are those because those are sexy, is it a 26 or 700c because those tires are so big it just seems like it might not be a 700c bike.

  • adam

    these freestyle bikes look more and more like mountain bikes as they evolve. the gear ratio, wide riser bars, fat tires…

  • 700c wheels, probably 38c Bontrager tires.

  • damn. those are some bigass tires. and that gearing looks close to 1:1! wonka always does it big.

  • i like the green. this is sick!!!

  • Gearing is no where near 1:1… I think it’s 33:13 or something around that area. It feels like 75″ gear inches or so when I ride his bike

  • tron

    aww shit! lets see some pics of wonka in action on this thing! looks burly as hell so far with the chubbier tires.