Bianchi Super Pista Sep 8, 2009

Everyone complained when Bianchi pulled the Concept off the production floor. It got replaced with the D2 last year at Interbike. This yeah, Bianchi re-issues the classic Super Pista in aluminum and carbon. Retail will be about the same as the D2 and it comes murdered-out in all black. Love it! So nice. I wish they went with the Oval Concept Jetstream-looking fork that the EU-release had.

thanks Raphael!

  • 120spaced


  • I think I need one of these.

  • jack

    i am totally feeling the font

  • Austin

    This looks pretty sweet. Are you saying there will be two versions of the frame – one in aluminum, and one in carbon? OR, a carbon fork and aluminum frame? Very tempting…price point is right. I’d be curious to see what the largest size they offer is…one would assume it’s a 60.

  • the frame is aluminum, the fork is carbon.

  • Josh

    is the geometry on this frame available?