Asphalt is Live! Sep 1, 2009

Head on over here to find out how you can win a set of Black ELVS Velocity B43s!

Brought to you by Laek House, Velocity and Prolly is not Probably!

Since there is some confusion about where to donate (not required) on Get Better Gabe, here’s the link!

  • Lucca

    Gabe, please get better racing with you is really fun. The allycat sceen is not the same without your races. You can get out of this coma, and then you will come back and get back in the saddle. My best wishes go out to you and your family.

  • i hate to hear about any cyclist being hurt in an accident.
    i don’t know gabe but im sure he is a great guy.
    my thoughts are with him through this terrible situation!

  • Hang in there Gabe.
    5 years ago this month I was hit by a car, spent some time in the ICU, a coma, and lost the sight in one eye.
    Hang tough, get well, and as soon as you can get back on the bike.
    Riding, thinking about it and doing it, are great rehab tools.
    Good luck to you and your family

  • bananas

    get well soon man! shitty move on the part of that driver, hope he got the book thrown at him for that. but hey, this isn’t about him. i wish you a speedy recovery and lots of good riding hereafter!

  • Jonathan F.

    Hey Prolly.
    This is horrible news I hope Gabe has a full recovery. My thoughts go out to Gabe his girlfriend and all of his family and friends. Get Better Gabe.


  • dear gabe,

    when you read this, youre probably going to be telling yourself “why the hell did prolly make a contest involving get well messages to me?” it really sounds absurd, but it’s so right. there will probably be people who care more about the whole b43 thing and overlook why they’re saying get well soon, there will probably be people stumbling to find things to say to a complete stranger, but in the end there will be alot of responses. what does that mean? well, certainly it shows that there are many cyclists out there who can show compassion(some for the wrong reason, but do care nonetheless), but it also allows a special opportunity for people to partake in a communal “huddle” around a cyclist: you.

    now im not going to lie and tell you that i had no idea about the b43 thing. in fact ive been waiting for the contest to come live. when i read about your situation, i could care less about the b43’s. ive ridden the whole length mission before and now as i look back on it, there have been situations on that ride where i shouldve obeyed the laws. gabe, you obeyed the law yet still ended up in the ICU- and that really should echo throughout the cycling community in sf as well as the cycling community as a whole. many people out there dont obey the laws and dance with the devil- now im not saying one should not obey the laws, but when people arent careful, things happen. in your case, you were careful. youre a testament to everyone that the streets arent as safe as we thought. and therefore cyclists should rally for safer streets. maybe thats why prolly made this into a contest.

    so gabe, i hope you get well soon. thank you for obeying the law- when you get out of there, im definately sure that you’ll have the support of thousands or more.


  • Thomas

    Dear Gabe,
    It is tragic when any bicyclist is injured, especially one who is looked upon so positively in a community. I do not know you, but if you are love enough to be put on a website, to have your story told. Also to have a contest where people write you a get well letter, you obviously are a kind and good spirited person. I am sad to hear that you were involved in an accident and I hope you get well soon, so you can show all those kids how being fast is really done.

  • Ivan

    feel better man. it sucks to get hit i know from experience

    peace bra

  • Ivan

    feel better man. it sucks to get hit i know from experience

    peace bra

  • A Thompson

    I wish you all the best. One day, hopefully soon, this kind of absolute BS will not happen any more. Hopefully your unfortunate turn brings some kind of awareness to the drivers out there!

  • Jeffro


    I know One-Eyed Z and he’s all right and if he can pull through, you should be able to do it, too.

    Thinking positive thoughts.


  • Kanon08

    +100 to this give away involving the help of a fallen rider. I cringe every time I hear a story like this. I send my best to Gabe and his family. Everyone should donate anything possible. Help a buddy out. Good luck man.


  • chris

    To Gabe and his friends and family. I read through the site dedicated to the news of your accident and certain recovery (keeping positive here). Like many that will post, I have never meet you or your family, never had the pleasure of riding with you in your city or in your races but the spirit of love coming your way is beyond measure and it will see you through. Open up those eyes son and let us have a look at you!

  • blake

    I dont know you gabe, but i am a fellow biker. i read about your accident. truly a horrible situation man. Hope you get better soon, sounds like you have a wonderful support system and great family that is right there with you.

    best wishes

  • Andrew

    Get well soon Gabe, my prayers are with you and all injured cyclists. I can only hope that the driver is brought to justice.

  • k-tel

    anyone who knows gabe knows that he will fight through this and recover. he’s without doubt one of the nicest people i have ever met, and for this to happen to someone like him just makes the tragedy even more frustrating. it’s awesome to see everyone showing so much love. get better gabe!

  • Aaron


    I remember my first slam like it was yesterday.. but what I remember more than that is my yearning to ride again once recovered. Just know that you have a whole culture pushing for you and that even though I don’t know you I pray that you come out of this ok and ride again one day.
    Your strength is our strength man.

    Good Luck from Spokane, WA!

  • Gabe! Sorry to hear of your recent accident. Please, get well soon. We here in South Florida wish you speedy, full recovery!!! Take care bro!

  • Charlie

    Right before Gabe left for SF I almost bought a fork from him. I ended up not being able to pick it up, and basically wasted his time. Gabe didn’t seem to care at all, and even though we’ve never met I can tell that he is a great guy. I really can’t comprehend what his family and girlfriend are going through right now, but I just hope they won’t have to go through it much longer.

    Get well soon,

  • Dale

    Damn…that is shitballs. Gabe, I don’t know you, but judging from the all the love you’re getting on various sites and blogs it sounds like you’re a stand up guy. Hopefully someone will read you all these posts from friends, family and strangers like me, cuz I’m sure hearing them will help you power through this.

    I wish you and your love ones the best.

  • BaskingShark

    Hey Gabe, I hope right now you’re dreaming of the perfect ride… and get to make it a reality damn soon.

  • sdo

    sad to hear about the accident
    and though you hit a curve, your bikes trashed, and
    leaking blood sweat and tears, the will to pull through is measured by the passion of loving the things you love to do and people who you love and love you. So when the day comes to get back on your horse. Ride it to live and love another day.
    Hope you get all the way better,

  • Dalton

    Cars suck! I don’t know Gabe, but I recently had a scare from a friend who was involved in an accident. He was lucky enough to only spend a night in the hospital and no broken bones even though the car had to be lifted off of him at the scene. I hope that Gabe will have a speedy and full recovery so that hes able to ride again ASAP. Best wishes to him and all of his friends and family.

  • Patrick Pasco

    hey Gabe, sending mad love from ny. you have a lot of great friends in ny wishing you a speedy recovery. plus you have kierie and your family by your side. we all know you’ll be waking up soon and be back on a bike in no time. hang in there. we’ll see you soon.

  • Gabecisco formerly known as Francisco/Franco

    Gabe I didn’t know you that well but I saw you around town every once in a while. I am shamed to share a name with the city that tried (and failed) to take you down. To show my good faith and dedication to your speedy recovery I will no longer carry the name Francisco but instead I will proudly rename myself to Gabecisco. Take care duder and get well fast.

  • smokestacks

    get better dude

  • jonnyneedledick

    get better gabe.. thats an order!

  • Gabe, I just got into riding this winter and watched one of my best friends get mauled by a car and spend weeks in the hospital. I’m sorry it happened to you man, and I hope you get well soon so you can get back on your bike same as before your spill!! good luck!!

  • james

    gabe – don’t let them win. stay up

  • James

    Gabe, I don’t know you, but I’d like to wish you the speediest of recoveries. A friend of mine recently was clipped by a car as he was running a red light. It was a hit and run, but he was ok despite going down head-first. After he recovered he swapped all his working parts to a new frame, and is now, of all things, riding brakeless. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that regardless of the hits we take, literal and figurative, there’s nothing to do but get up, get back out there and murder some asphalt.

    Good luck and get well soon,

  • Cow.

    I hate hearing of cycling injuries, because it can so easily happen to anyone. This just reminds me how much danger there is out on the streets, even if you obey the law. Its unfortunate that anyone has to be hurt in this manor, especially doing what they love in the only applicable environment. I hope this incident brings awarness to drivers and cyclists alike, but I would even more hope for you to pull through and live a full life.

    Best regards,
    Christian O. Wilson

  • Eric RTST

    Gabe, I hope you get well and come out of your coma very, very soon. I will definitely have to be sharper on these chicago roads after reading what happened to you. By all means, nothing steep like them SF hills, but getting hit by a car can happen anywhere and it can be fatal. It’s one of the worst dangers (if not, THE worst) for any rider. My thoughts are with you and your family.


  • Gabe get well bro, a lot of people are wishing you the best.

  • WillATL

    Gabe, even though many of us have never met you and probably never will you know that regardless of any prize we all hope you get to feeling better soon. And I speak for myself and probably many others in saying that if we could take your place we would. Feel better and stay strong!

  • eamonn

    Less than 24hrs ago a local courier in my home town of Toronto was struck and killed. I will leave his name and the details out, but it is a trulely heart breaking story. I ride these streets, I love these streets and when one of our own goes down it hurts. I mean not to take away from Gabe’s story but to instead let you know how much the courage and strength of everyone involved has helped me put some difficult things into prespective. The community that exsists is one built up of great people who are there for one another, and for that I thank you all.

    Best of luck, and always love the streets.


    Dear Gabe,
    you must be a really awesome guy or else this contest wouldnt be in some way dedicated to your recovery. that being said, awesome people deserve the best in life and its horrible that you were caught up in such a tragic accident. ill be sending you posi vibes from the west coast. i hope you will have a quick recovery and i hope you’ll be riding again soon.

  • dylan

    hey gabe get well soon!

  • Dave

    Gabe; here’s hoping you’re back in the saddle again soon buddy! We are all rooting for you! ROCK ON!

  • Alex Lytton

    Stay up Gabe.

    You are THE REVIVAL

  • gabe i dont know you man, but a biker down needs a pick me back up and everyone is pulling you you stay strong and ride long

  • also i would like to make a donation where can i?

  • drizz

    i don’t even want the hoops, so if i’m picked re-raffle them or something. hope you get better, gabe.

  • Ed

    Gabe and Family,

    All too often we hear of riders being hit by careless drivers. No matter who they are it effects us all personally. We’re all riders. Hope your recovery is speedy and goes well! See you on the bike soon.


  • dontcoast

    Gabe, I hope that while you’re out there in the dream world, you get to hang out with all the great cyclists of yore, and then come back to us with more amazing cycling powers!

    And when you just come back and ride again, the whole cycling community will be there to welcome you. We’re all sending you the best of wishes.

    Get well soon!

  • Dj

    Hey Gabe,
    I really hope you are able to get better, and not to change the topic, but someone in my town was recently hit by a car and was in a coma for about two months and gave everyone a scare. I hope that you and your family are doing well.

  • carney

    Two weeks ago I was crushed by a car leaving my bike in pretty awful shape. I can comfortably say it was the scariest moment of my life. I can sympathize with the agony of recovery for the individual as well as the heartache it can create for your loved ones. My prayers and thoughts will be with you and those you surround yourself with in the coming days. Stay up. One Love


  • jmlx

    Hi senior Gabe,
    1st things 1st, I dont really wanna do it for the contest here cause I had to quit messengering like 2 weeks ago because of health problems so, I dont really need the wheels, instead of givin’hem to friends of mind, but I sure do wanna you through all what you have to sustain ( pardon me if my english is not quite good here )So, yeah, wish you the best to be back with people who you love and with those who loves you.
    take care man, heal fast
    greeting from montreal

  • travis

    dear gabe,

    my thoughts go out to you and your loved ones. may your recovery be swift and strong, so that you may ride once again.

    best wishes,

  • Jarshy

    Get better soon Gabe! I don’t know you, but any fellow bike rider is a friend of mine, I’m pullin for ya!

  • Shea[DPH]


    When you wake up, I hope you are not discouraged at the amount of people giving you their best wishes only to hope that they win a set of rims. I can only hope that each and everyone of us is true in our comments of really wishing only the best for you. A friend of a friend had a similar experience which left him comatose and it is one of the scariest things I have ever heard. To know that this happened while doing the one thing that brings so many of us the most enjoyment of our lives is terrible. Especially cause of the carelessness of a driver. If I were to win, Id donate you one of my rims if you wanted it.

    Get well soon.

  • brandon reif

    Feel better Gabe. Skin like iron.

  • DG

    I’ve never met you, but when you wake up know that everyone who rides a bicycle loves you and wants you to get better.

  • djb

    Gabe, There’s clearly a lot of love out there for you. Love is all there is. Get well soon! I hope to meet and ride with you one day.

  • Guillaume

    C’est toujours terrible d’entendre des histoires d’accidents impliquants des cyclistes et des automobiles car , plus souvent qu’autrement ce n’est pas la faute du cycliste mais plutôt celle du chauffard.

    Je souhaite à Gabe le plus prompt des rétablissements et je souhaite le plus grand des courages à sa famille.

    Take care.

  • Gabe,
    Best of luck. You’ll be riding again in no time. This is coming a guy who was in an accident with a Hummer in ’08.


  • ivaylo

    Dear Gabe,

    I truly hope that the positive energy from all these wonderful messages that are being posted on the internet create a powerful force, which will help you recover completely from this unfortunate accident, and will protect you in the future so you can enjoy riding for many years to come.

    a fellow rider

  • jean-michel

    Bonjour Gabe,
    I dont really know you but you seem to be a nice guy from what your friends are saying. Have a posi attitude cause I m pretty sure family’n’friends have am I.
    Stay strong and heal fast

  • Matt

    hey man, i came here to enter the contest but after reading about what happened and current situation, the contest is the last thing on my mind. my best wishes go out to you and your family and everyone surrounding you. it makes me step back a bit and be grateful for every day i get to wake up and live. i hope you get well soon and get back on the bike as soon as you can.

    this song im going to post below this was written about a cyclist who died from a hit and run accident which no one saw or paid any attention to (the perspective of him having an outer body experience after being hit and left completely alone).

    in the cell of my mind
    cant escape, losing patience
    is this life?
    expectations, amount to dust
    compassion, common courtesy
    all is lost, without a sound
    alone in a concrete desert
    anything but deserted
    cold shouldered, looking forward
    no remorse for the human race
    never to lend a hand to fellow man
    fallen, bruised and bleeding.
    soulless, heartless
    blacklisted from the human race
    truly alone in a faceless sea
    undeserving, never learning
    what it means to be
    we are truly alone
    no remorse for the human race
    the song can be heard at
    titled “cold shoulder”

  • Edwin

    I didn’t know you, but I hope that you get better soon. Bike wrecks suck, and suck even more when it’s the result of someone else’s action. Ride like hell.

  • Gabe,
    I’m terribly sorry to hear about what happened to you, and what your family is going through. I know you have good people by your side, caring for you and loving you, knowing you’re going to get well and return to them like none of this ever happened.

    I’m reminded of Thrice’s song “Artist in the Ambulance”. Here’s a bit of it…

    Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal
    Red light, can’t stop so I spin the wheel
    My world goes black before I feel an angel steal me from the
    Greedy jaws of death and chance, and pull me in with steady hands
    They’ve given me a second chance, the artist in the ambulance

    Get well soon!

  • Jay

    Gabe- SF is a beautiful place. You may have went and visited Coit tower, had coffee at North Beach, great bike rides, and long walks + talks with your girlfriend. It didn’t go down like that did it? Instead something really terrible happened and it left many people scared, confused, and angry. Life is short, and it can be really hard. The flip side of that same coin is that life is often filled with smiles, laughter, and memories of warm days doing what you were meant to do. I do not know you, but I know what drove you to bring a bike to SF and want to ride-the adventure, the excitement, and the chance to explore. It is this feeling that makes you who you are.
    I hope that you will read this one day-looking out at the at the fog in SF from Coit Tower a little braver, a little stronger, and the knowing that there are people who cared about you during a dark time in your life. Then get back on your bike and ride down to grab a beer, and onto the next adventure. Peace dude- Get Well!

  • Ed

    Gabe, hear my mind! I know your brain is doing some housekeeping and getting ready for the new and improved Gabe 2.0 (now with stain fighting power!), but remember, summer in SF only lasts two weeks and you don’t want to miss it.

  • Get better bro!

  • Thomas


    You’re an inspiration to all cyclists. You’ll beat this thing. When you do, I’ll donate my lucky banana man car air freshener I keep under my saddle. It’s kept me safe for 4 years and still smells nice, so you don’t have to worry ab your smelly saddle anymore, and you’ll always ride with a bananman holding a strawberry guardian angel.

    Here’s a link:

    Get well buddy, we miss you.


  • Adam

    Gabe and Family..

    Keep your head up. Stay Positive.

  • kyleSD

    Gabe it is a true and honest tradedy to hear what happened to you due to an iresponsible driver. I hope that you recover well and you hop back in the saddle soon.

    ps. cars are lame ride a bike!


  • Bino

    this is really sad news, I hope you’ll recover well !

    take care !

  • JP

    What’s up Gabe,
    I haven’t had the chance to meet you or roll with you, but as a fellow cyclist I want to send you a gigantic wave of positive vibes for a speedy and healthy recovery. A gang of people on this and other sites want to see you beat this thing and we all have your back. As we pedal through our streets in our cities know that we have you in our minds and hearts.
    See you in the streets soon Brother.

    “Wu Roll together as one, I call my brother son cause he shine like one”

  • Dear Gabe and close friends and family,
    It’s terrible hearing about bike/car accidents and this one is no different. I hope that everyone who has been by your side this whole time doesn’t worry too much and you heal up soon. Here’s to good vibes coming your way and well wishes. Stay safe out there, wear a helmet, that goes for everyone.

  • Adam Begin

    God luck and good speed with the recovery Gabe!

  • Bill

    I can’t even imagine what you and your family are going through. I have had my fair share of close calls with traffic, but all of those are forgotten 5 minutes after. I never actually thought “What if that did happen?”. To hear about something like this happening to a fellow rider is very eye opening. I am wishing the best for you and your family.

    Get well soon,

  • Hana

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE!!!!!!! My good man we misses you!!!! Daily prayers and posi vibes channeling your way erry day till you come back to us in the citay.

    Big Love.

  • perje

    These incidents always make me wonder what cars would look like if North American culture appreciated things like heightened attention through controlled acceleration and deceleration. Transportation is an erotic exercise. Cars and bicycles in a rubbery bed together, asphalt connected to your legs through manifold pneumatic flywheels. Energy is dissipated thousands of times a second. Vibrating through petroleum cup holders that lay waste to the attraction of the next rest. Stop, Gabe. May your body and mind persevere through lovingly traumatic dreams of gradual awakening.

  • Ted

    We’ll check you out when you wake up man.
    Hope you dig the thread.

  • Jan Hella


    I’m a Bay Area native, and I know how shitty drivers are around here, all too well. Surprisingly, I never heard about your accident on the local boards, until now.
    I never enter contests, but oddly enough, me sitting here reading about the contest, and music Im listening too, kind of all sits together.
    The last time I got hit, I was 20, and a driver hit me from behind at night, going around 40 mph. Luckily, the only thing I left with was a busted frame, road rash and a bruised bone. After coming home from the hospital, I got a phone call from my sister. Hearing her crying hysterically and begging me to ride safer and with a helmet, really changed the aspects of riding and living in general. I havent heard my sister tell me that she loved me, since we were kids and our parents forced us to say it.
    Im 22 now, sitting with my 17 month old listening to the Decendents – Im The One.
    When you wake up, I know youre going to have a greater outlook on life, than youve ever had, and really appreciate the people around you, and never take them for granted, even if its just the little thank yous and I love yous.
    I guess my entry is more for the readers/posters out there who anonymously wish harm upon others. We’re all someones son/daughter, brother/sister, father/mother.
    It’ll be cool when you wake up, and get to read all of these comments by us random internet folk, who give out their sincere wishes for a fast recovery and healthy life.

    Though we’ve never met,
    Hope to hear soon about the progress,


  • Alex Villalobos

    Hi Gabe I was also tagged by a careless driver once; it almost killed me. I’m sorry for every thing you’ve gone through and pray that better days find you. Come home soon Gabe, don’t keep your Lady and your Family waiting.

  • Q

    Gabe, being hit sucks the big one. Feel better, man! We need you back out there.

  • andras revesz

    gabe, no day passes that I don’t think of you, with each day I pray you get stronger and better. you need to know that no matter how long the road toward recovery is I will be by your side and support you in every wich way
    another shout to Kierie and your whole family! you have amazing people surrunding you

  • angel davila

    Gabe, get well and know we got your back homie.
    now get right!!

  • Geo462rge

    Heal up quick buddy, another Queens night will have to be in the works for your arrival and we are hoping/praying its soon!

  • David…

    Get well soon Gabe! My prayers go out to you and your family. Keep your head up, keep that positive mental attitude!

  • Mike

    Gabe, there will be hundreds of posts here because people want those B43’s but i can tell you right now if Prolly asked us to send our best wishes for no other reason than sincerity, it would get the same response. People care and I wish you the absolute best, man. You’ll be back on the horse in no time.

    Keep your head up,


  • — Get well Gabe, I too have met with a car while on the bike… a few times now. It’s never good, but always makes you a little stronger after the fact and after the healing process.

  • Grace Hunt

    Hi Gabe, Tito and I made a ‘get well soon’ toast to you the other night. I don’t know you personally, but with all the pics posted on the forum, and all the updates from Kierie, I’ve been keeping you in my thoughts. I imagine you opening you eyes soon, then recognizing your family and Kierie. Man, I get choked up just thinking about it. Hang in there, and know that you’re surrounded by strong loving people right now.

  • What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Many superheros started out as cops or security guards who got shot up and almost died and were given some top secret treatment, usually some “super soldier program” and things went odd and they became superheroes. There’s a good chance they’re rebuilding you right now in a government lab and reconstructing you out of adamantium armor only to whisk you away in a black helicopter and give you some catchy superhero name like Gabe. It’s obviously already begun. What I’m trying to say is to use your powers for evil.

    Get well soon,

  • Jimmy

    Gabe, I was hit by a car a couple years ago as well which left me with a broken collarbone. I’m glad you’re getting good care and have amazing family & friends by your side. Get well soon!

  • AQP

    Stay strong Gabe. I’ll be sending you positive vibes.

  • premo

    Gabe, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I’ll be riding with you in spirit untill your able to ride yourself. Wishing you and your family the strength to come out of this.

  • robotphood

    Get well soon Gabe. Instead of a giveaway this contest should be some sort of raffle. A couple bucks to enter as a donation for a good cause as well as a chance to win a set of wheels.

  • Stephen Diaz

    I’m praying for you Gabe!

  • Chris

    i feel that this is happening more and more often lately. with a sudden influx of cyclists on the road, geared or not, its about time that nationally, state dot’s put bicycle awareness programs into effect with drivers license programs.

    i hope you get better soon Gabe, back in that saddle, all smiles. our thoughts are with you dude.

  • Josh

    There once was a man from winterport
    who was struck by a means of transport
    his friends came online
    and all shouted in time
    “gabe, we’re all here to support!”

    heal up, buddy!

  • Spencer

    Gabe: Get well soon!
    Everyone else: Stay safe out there.

  • Ayo gabe. You’re lucky to have a girl like yours by your side even after that tragic accident. Just stay brutal and keep fighting. much love – Kevin Phomma

  • SomeKid


    I dont know you or have ever met you, but anybody on a bike is a friend of mine. I just now read your story and what happened to you and also what your girlfriend and family are going through. Just recently my best friend of 6 years Dylan, was in the same place as you. He was riding without his helemt on one day and his front tire popped and he got thrown off his bike. His head hit the ground and fractured his skull in three places, now he has to wear a helmet everday until he gets a piece of skull replaced back into his head. I spent every day, every free moment i had at the ICU waiting room. His family was all there and his gf was there everday. It was one of the hardest things I had to go through, not knowing whether or not i was going to see my friend again. All i could do was think positive thoughts and encourage everyone else to do the same thing.

    Im gonna tell you the same thing i told Dylan, Get out of that hospital bed. Get out as soon as you can. Seeing people in pain for doing what they love is unfair. Just know that you have an army of people behind you, you have your families love and dedicatoin and you have your girlfriend, someone who provides a love like none other. And you have this guy prolly who looks like he wont stop helping until your on a bike next to him. Your in good hands now, nothing but love and good feelings in the road ahead. Your recovery may be tough and things may be hard to learn again, but youll always know how to ride a bike and you’ll always have friends there riding with you.

    P.S. To Gabe’s family- I give you all my heart and my thoughts, and i want you to know im there right next to you waiting until he wakes up. My friend Dylan is awake and doing much better and soon your Gabe will be too.

  • Yo Gabe! Me and I’m sure anybody else who has read this story, wishes you nothing but a full and speedy recovery from this terrible incident- I hope you get better so you can truly enjoy how wonderful and scenic it is to ride in SF and its a tragedy that some asshole did this to you (I hope the accident was captured or recorded somehow so you can get some justice when you get better), once again, best wishes for a full recovery from everyone who rides a bike in SF!
    As someone who lives in SF and has a roommate named Gabe and is an avid rider… this story hits pretty close to home for me!

  • Jacob Riddle

    I don’t know you personally but you are a fellow cyclist and I hate to hear of such tragedy. Get well soon and keep riding.

  • James G

    Suck to hear another cyclist have been injured in doing something he loves to do. Which totally set’s all of free from this crazy world we live in. Having the balls to get on your bike everyday and what you love to do is what it’s all about. Self accomplishment and determination. Thing is what drives us all as cyclist around the world. That bond can’t be broken or forgotten. So when one cyclist gets hurt we all feel that pain. Dude I hope you recover as soon as you can and you’re back to doing what you love. Speedy recovery. Take care bro.

  • Dear Gabe,

    Do you remember the movie “Hard To Kill,” with Steven Segal. I believe you’ll back, just like Mason Storm. You’ll be bombing the hills of SF once again. You will be an inspiration to cyclists around the world, bringing awareness to bicycle safety in every city. You have a whole army of riders pulling for you and a family that’s there for you no matter how long it takes for you to wake up (hopefully sooner than later).
    Get better fast, we’ll be waiting for you at the top of the hill.

  • Hey Gabe,

    Hope you’re head is feelin alright now. I look forward to getting stomped on by you at Ratpack (or some other sprints) again sometime in the future.

    I’m sure that once you’re out and back on the bike you’ll be pushing that big gear in no time.

    We’re thinking of you up here,
    Vancouver BC

    ps- save the couplers!

  • Matt

    Stay up brother!

    Sorry this happened in my beautiful City.

    Tippin’ a Tecate to you.

  • Heal up Gabe. We really need more folks like you in this world.

  • cannnnnnnibal

    wow. gabe I just read your story.
    I’m so very sorry that this happened, I hate hearing of fellow cyclists getting taken down by cars. there are some nutty people in SF, not just the riders. I wish you a speedy recovery, things are looking up, and we’re all here for you whether we know you or not.

    keep the rubber side down

  • tom

    gabe GWS plz
    and lets mash hxc to something

  • Alex J

    We cant loose any cyclist, I really hope you get well soon.

  • ben

    get well soon, gabe! it’s just awesome to see the outpouring of support for you, i know you’re soaking up these positive vibes and will be 100% again soon, man.

  • Angelo R.

    I am going to be a father any day now, so let’s make a deal. If you make a speedy recovery, I will name my child after you. Gabe for a boy, Gabriella for a girl. Deal?

  • Best of luck to you my friend. Hope all goes well with your recovery. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers.

  • cife

    Wishing you a fast recovery. My thoughts to you and your family. Ride safe.

  • Fernando G

    Hey Gabe,

    I hope you can get better and according to you are improving so hopefully everything goes smooth from now so you can get to those avocado/banana milkshakes you like.

  • Tim

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the other side of the world. Get yourself back in the saddle quick.

  • irierider

    Always has you counting your lucky stars when a fellow rider is down. get better and get back out there, I hope all the love reaches you all, big up

  • Tong

    Gabe.. it’s so sad to hear this tragic event. Hope that everything will be ok and you can come back and ride with us again! Looking on a good side, at least maybe this will raise some awareness for the ‘big’ people to take some actions and take care of bike riders like us more.

    Get well!

  • James

    I as one of many Australian cyclist have you in our thoughts, all the best and have a quick recovery

  • steveisskinny

    Gabe, get well soon brother. Incidents like this shows that motorists need to be more careful and show more respect to cyclist.

  • Orion

    Hey Gabe, wishing you a speedy rehabilitation! Be strong and stay positive and you will be back on the pedals in no time!
    fellow cyclist,

  • roois

    hang in there dude.
    a mate of mine was hit the same way and was in the same state.
    he got through it and i know you can.
    im not saying its easy, but i know you can do it.
    and thankyou to Kierie. this would be an awfully hard time for you, but staying by and helping does so much more than you know.
    i wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Nolan

    I hope you get better, shitty drivers blow, especially ones who hit cyclists. I hope you have a great recovery.

  • When one of us goes down, we all feel it. The details don’t really matter, the location isn’t important, our global community cares for every fallen rider.

    Get better soon and get back out there.

  • Khalil

    No ghost bikes for you — you’re going to pull through this, be with your girl and family again, and when you’re well enough to read this you’ll know that there is a community pulling for you!!! Can wait to read your reply! :)

  • jack

    every cyclists worst nightmare, and you’re living it. hang in there for all of us.

  • Drummond Buchenroth

    It’s really hard when you are doing something you love to do, and as a result of it, or someone else, you have to put everything on hold. They say everything happens for a reason, but what reason caused this to happen?
    Cycling, fixed, free, road, mountain, it doesn’t matter all have a certain quality that makes it so appealing. It’s possibly one of your first tastes of freedom. Rolling down an empty street, or on a trail can be a purifying experience.
    The amazing thing is, for this man Gabe, over 100 people posted here in the first two days. That shows me that cyclists always are thinking of other cyclists, and we all know we would want the support should we fall.
    When you’re healed, the first ride will be the most memorable.

  • Bonz

    We’ve got some crazy late night Dysarts trips to make once you get back to the East Coast. I’ve been perfecting my cupcake recipe for you. Can’t wait to see you.
    Much love,

  • aleks

    Dear, Gabe.
    I hope that you remain strong and that all of the positive messages, your amazing girlfriend and supportive family will help you through it. NYC has many many great people that love you and wish you all the best. I’ve seen it, they make you cupcakes:) Get well, stay strong,stay awesome!

  • Brad Catlow

    Gabe, be strong.
    Many of us have dreaded that very horrifying moment occuring. Our thoughts go out to you and your loved ones.

  • justin

    man that sucks to hear, I hope you get better soon and jump back on your bike. I’m sure you’re bombing some sweet hills with your girl in your dreams

  • david

    When clicking on the contest link I thought to myself well here comes some ridiculous contest ill never particapate in but what the hell click.. The circumstances to this contest are much different than I was expecting, all in all im trying to say that no prize is needed for something of this nature. That we all should do what would be expected of everyone around us had we been the one hurt and not sitting here typing a comment. Its such a great idea for a contest though because when gabe gets a little better and sees all the love the internet showed him during his time of need he can use all of our energy to heal that much faster.. Get well soon gabe!

  • Mark

    Get well soon Gabe.
    To hot nurses and a speedy recovery.

    Cheers Markee in Aus

  • Joel Mitchell

    get well limerick to brighten your day Gabe:

    The hills of San Frisco are steep
    and the driver that day was a creep
    But Gabe you’re a champ,
    through each pain, ache and cramp,
    you’ll get well with a skip and a leap.

  • man, that blows. get well soon duder.

  • fishdog

    Get well soon man, hopefully all goes well! You’ll be back out there soon enough, we all do…shit happens but atleast you have all this support! keep it real, and you’re in our best thoughts and wishes…

  • Hey Gabe,

    Regardless of contests etc. its a horrible thing to hear bout a cyclist getting hit by a car man. I’ve been through my own fair share of hospitalizations via Bike and through all of that ive learned you just gotta be tough man. No matter how hard things seem you just gotta look up, Fight your way through it and stay strong man. I’m sure you still got tons of riding in you so dont let it go to waste. Stay Strong man, and god bless.

    Nate Laird & The rest of J Broski Delivery

  • 3bazuka

    I left this message on your site and I will post it here as well..
    I hope you recover quickly and get back in the saddle. Most of these people leaving comments don’t know you, Including myself. but hopefully all of these comments and wishes will let you know that we are all one community and we genuinely care about the people in it. Once your better and you make it out to LA hit me up and let’s ride!!! If you need somewhere to stay, you can crash at my pad as well..
    Warmest Regards,

  • Angus Macdonald

    Hope you’re well on the road to recovery…I’ve had my fair share of unplanned contact with the asphalt but definitely feel for those like yourself where there’s a bit more going on than just needing the skin to grow back…heal up quick


  • lover hurts, and so does getting hit by cars, feel better my man.

  • jayjay

    It’s a shame when a cyclist following the rules of the road, enjoying a beautiful city, gets hurt by a neglectful driver. Of course I don’t know you Gabe, but anyone with a love and a passion for anything involving two wheels deserves nothing but love. It’s a shame for anyone to get hurt in such a manner. I hope you’re on your way to a speedy and full recovery.

    Much love from Jacksonville,
    Keep it Wheel

  • keep it up. get stronger, and ride out once more. You’ll be back in no time, and back to it all.

  • dannyg

    Best wishes with your recovery. Hope you can get back on the bike soon.

    Support from San Marcos, Tx.

  • RP Cuenco


    the icu isn’t really a ‘tourist’ spot, so lemme know when you get out, there’s probably alot of this town you’ve yet to see.


  • Tyler

    Gabe, sorry to hear about the accident; we all wishing you the best on your road to recovery.

  • Mary M.

    To Gabe,

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery. You have a whole lot of people rooting for you.

    Best wishes,
    Mary M.

  • Nick!

    Holy jeez, get well soon, man. Always hate to hear about this kind of stuff. Hoping for a good news update soon!

  • matt

    As a cyclist, I never like to hear a cycling accident. I wish you the best in your recovery.

  • Adam


    Wishing you the best as you recover from the accident. Get well soon !

  • get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well!!!

  • dylan king

    Gabe, so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that you heal completely and are able to hop back on your steel horse soon. Best wishes.

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