Affinity Cyclone Sep 12, 2009

Picture by Takuyu Sakamoto

Affinity is one of the many bicycle companies that will be unveiling 700c trick bikes this year at Interbike. Their bike, the Cyclone has a curved seat tube and an “A” bridged gusset. Some unique features that give it it’s own flare.

Picture by Wilis

Nate was riding one last night at Peel Sessions. More information to follow. Affinity also has a steel track bike with a traditional geometry, a steel road bike with chromed lugs and an alloy track bike with integrated seatpost / mast.

  • alexander

    How light is the frameset and how big of a rubber can you fit in the rear? dont take this as negative, because it looks cool, but it looks like it’d break in no time. bmxs had gussets like that and they caused the frames to crack. the fork is nice but i think the frame is understructured and thin. right now it just looks like a mercier with a mountain bike fork. first i’ve heard of this company too i like the pursuit bikes. the first fixie trick bike to make the volume look big and beefy.

  • Not sure on the weight. I think Nate had a 32c tire on…

  • kyle

    Man that thing must suck because I think it looks amazing! I would build a Tarck bike out of that!

  • Bandwagon

    Ugly that shit would break holla

  • “looks like i would break it in no time” what are you talking about? you dont know any details and youve never even heard of affinity. have you seen their other frames? They can def take a beatdown.

  • prolly

    Krillz, I see what people are saying. Compared to the other trick frames on the market, it does look less beefy. Bottom line is, there’s only one way to find out if it’ll take stair gaps and drops… Ride it.

    No doubt it’ll hold up fine for ordinary street riding, I think people are just weary of frames that don’t have oversized tubing is all, especially if doing gaps and shit are their thing.

    I like the bike, I think it has intersting qualities and it is only a prototype at the moment so well see where it goes from here. As far as the negativity is concerned, be polite, I’m on my iPhone so it’s hard to read comments when approving them.

  • Theo

    Excited to see what the other frames will look like and how Affinity aims to separate them from the rest of the market.

    Would be nice to know where the frames come from though, just sayin’

  • Unique if you don’t own a KHS Aerotrack.

    Unique if you’ve never seen a GJS A-Frame (BMX). Guess where they used to break? Maybe they should try a Haro Freestyler wraparound gusset.

  • prolly

    There were 100s of frames with aero seat tubes prior to the khs.

  • Todd

    I had to look “Tarck Bike” up, not sure if I am signed-on for the term:

    “The Tarck Bike is a commonly found variant of the Track bicycle or Fixed-gear bicycle. Unlike true racing bikes used for track cycling races, the Tarck Bike was formed as a collaboration or “collabo” between bicycle messengers, hip-hop fashion designers, fixed-gear enthusiasts, former BMX riders, and members of national and regional cycling-related internet forums. The Tarck Bike gets its name from the common, lolcat-esque misspelling of Track Bike and references this online collaboration.”

  • sean

    im not sure if anyone here is qualified to say anything bad about the frame. when its ridden and broken and been through its proto phases and ready for the market, then there’ll be shit to talk. until then it seems more beneficial to congratulate affinity and encourage them to develop the bike further. with maybe two frames on the market built for abuse, seeing more pop up means longevity.

  • The Schwinn Paramount “short-coupled” springs to mind, as does the Yamaguchi pursuit. My favorite was an old Masi pursuit. Geekhouse makes one. Henry James sells a pre-bent seat tube that is aero shaped now, so there’s a lot of framebuilders using this design right now.

    You are the one who called it unique, so I simply pointed out a mass production bike that had it for a few years. Then I pointed out a mass-production vintage BMX that had that A-shaped tube configuration. There is also a new-school BMX frame that had it, and they have a reputation for the head tube shearing off as well.

  • julio

    i think the gusset should cover that whole gap between the headtube and downtube. and probably the same suze tubing as the rest of the frame. other than that the frame looks neat. maybe make it so it fits up to a 40c tire. either way it looks dope. stop hating

  • Aren

    You’re a Tool for looking “Tarck Bike” up. and it is ridiculous that someone even wrote a definition of it.

  • jerm

    thats it… affinity should have never tried to make something that would sell to people that would otherwise be riding italian and njs builds down stairs… now everyone should all go kill themselves with their lockring tools. i mean, someone looking up something they didn’t understand… the nerve!!! so much hate… have a beer and FUCKING RELAX!!! its a matter of bikes, not your mothers insulin. put some chamois cream on those saddle sores and quit being so butt hurt.

  • Fugly

    Bike looks rad and it’s definitely a unique take on fixed freestyle type frames… Haters; We’re all lucky to see these things in their early phaes… What other world let’s you see into products that are still in development. It’s rad to see the fixed freestyle stuff progress and this is definitely a sign of the times.

  • curved seat tube just means more overlap in barspins, no thanks

  • tires

    whyt he hell would you curve the seat tube and not make it fit a big fucking tire on it. looks like they tried to get something out of the factory in time for the trade show and duh, curving the seatpost makes for more barspin overlap. fail

  • A curved seat tube will allow for a bigger tire, because it curved where the tire would hit the if it were a straight seat tube.

    And duh, even though it’s curved that does not change the seat tube angle, which would dictate whether the bike will be short enough to have toe overlap.