Water St. Sessions Going Berserk! Aug 28, 2009

WOW. I thought we had an epic night! Water St. Sessions in Philly poppin’ off proper! Tony and Soap showing everyone how it’s done!

Photos by Garrison

  • dude, wait til next week when the ramp’s fixed. soap was airing tabletops at least 2′ over the top of the fence. this dude is insane. he just got sponsored by SE, he’s riding one of their pk ripper frames. come down and ride our giant ramp! me and drew are the local ghetto ramp engineers, we’ll get this monster up and running in no time

  • drew

    peep that SE pk ripper Soap got hooked up with

  • AJ

    i wanna see video of this soap character.

  • James Banuelos

    Welcome to the SE Fixed family SOAP……We are all siked to have you aboard !