Volume Trickster Handle Bars Aug 28, 2009

I normally despise BMX bars on fixed gears. I’m more of a wide-ass 31.8 clamp 2″ riser kinda guy. I will say this though, after seeing Puckett kill shit on his bike this summer, they kinda grew on me. Volume now has some 4″ chromoly bars for fixed gears. These are the best looking fixed gear / bmx minis I’ve seen; I’ll still ride my oversize downhill bars though. Cheers to Volume for addressing a market niche. Look, they even plugged Hold Fast.

Trickster Specs:
Clamp size: 22.2 mm
Rise: 4″
Width: 22″
Backsweep: 6°
Upsweep: 4.5°
COLORS: Black & White

Via Volume Fixed

  • mike

    Are the those holdfasts on the wrong pedal?

  • chris

    in the newer generations they changed the straps to be read from atop the bicycle.

  • jpp

    31.8 for life

  • tdhk

    they are on wrong.

  • bobbyp

    i noticed that guy runs those hold fast or die straps on his pedals. does anybody else ride these things? im more of a go fast and try to not die type of rider, so i dont really need them for tricks. just curious if people like them or not.