Velo Orange Mixte Samples Aug 19, 2009

Velo Orange, the purveyor of fine bicycle components and frames have just released some pictures of their new Mixte model. Perfect bike for your lady friend!

Here’s what they have to say about it:

A few VO Mixte frame prototypes have arrived. As with most prototypes there are a few small problems, fork bend, missing cable guides, etc, but overall they look great.


* Around $700 including fork
* Lugged double butted chromo frame.
* 50cm, 54cm, 57cm sizes
* 700c wheels
* Extra long reach brakes
* 38mm max tires
* Were shooting for Jan 2010 delivery.

Head over to their blog for more detail shots.

  • antihero1972

    $700 for a steel girls bike seems way too steep, good luck with that velo orange. I guess some people will pay. its nice though but damn $$$

  • People piss and moan about Taiwan fabrication and then complain when the price is too high on a domestic frame. $700 is NOT BAD for a hand-made in the US frameset. What does being a “girls” bike have to do with anything?


  • duppy f

    Mixte ≠ “girl’s frame”. It’s for mixed gender use. Hence its name.

  • Duppy F,

    Straight from Sheldon:

    A style of lady’s frame in which the “top tube” consists of a pair of small diameter tubes running more-or-less straight from the upper head lug, past the seat tube, and on to the rear fork ends. A mixte frame thus has 3 sets of rear stays, instead of the usual two. A variant on the mixte uses a single, full sized top tube running from the upper head tube to the seat tube, but retains the middle set of stays. A lady’s type bike that lacks the middle pair of stays is not a mixte.

    Mixte frames are stronger than conventional lady’s frames, particularly in resisting the tendency of the seat tube to get pushed backward in the middle when ridden by a heavy rider

    In French, “mixte” would be pronounced “MEExt”, but normal U.S. bicycle industry pronunciation is “MIX-ty”.

  • James Stacher

    Uh, Prolly, these aren’t made in the US. Only 2 VO mixtes were made by Coast in years past. These are the taiwanese production frames.

    And they are not ladies frames.

  • I just can’t win!

    I thought I read somewhere that the VO frames were made in the US. Nevermind! and what’s Sheldon talking about then?

  • antihero1972

    Prolly, “What does being a “girls” bike have to do with anything?” nothing at all, i just had it in my head cause you said “Perfect bike for your lady friend” It just seems like a steep price for a frame only that is not made in the US nor is it anything really special. Come on $700 is a lot for most folk to spend on a frame/fork only. Whatever though not pissing and moaning anymore i really dont care, its a cool frame.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the cost probably reflects the detailing of the bike. A lot more detail than a standard track / ss bike.

    Anyway, this is the first I’ve heard of a Mixte not being a “girls bike”… Interesting.

  • Yeah, Prolly. You’re wrong. Coast wouldn’t forget cable guides. I spoke to VO a while back and they told me these were going to be made in Taiwan, not Brooklyn!

  • I lose!

  • I don’t understand why they need a prototype when it looks like an exact replica of the twin top tube peugeot from the way back when(I have had to work on a few in the shop)?

  • nonplussed

    Wow. Why pay $45 for that old lugged Raleigh or Nishiki mixte on craigslist when you can get a brand new one made from the same gaspipe tubing from VO for only $700! What a sweet deal.

  • p-la

    I really dont get why this bike is geared towards the ladies? “perfect for your lady friend”…. i dont wanna go on a fem. rant but why are guys always encouraged to build lame ass bikes for their girls?(not that this bike is lame expensive yes but not lame ) i mean wouldnt it be nice to see more ladies out on some nice roads, or fixed bikes?…

  • yeah, you can pick up old peugeot mixte frames for like 30 $ in europe. actually my lady friend rides one :)

    the only problem with old peugeot frames is that the French has a funny way w/ sizes, so you never gonna be able to replace the bottom bracket.

  • Jurij,

    You could get french Phil Wood BB cups.


    Plenty of girls prefer a Mixte frame. Mixte’s are bike frames specifically made for women. They’ve always been that way. Step through frame for wearing dresses / skirts. I know plenty of my “gal pals” who ride them for that very reason.

    For what it’s worth, I also have a ton of guys who ride cruisers too… Sure it’d be nice to say “see more ladies on fixed or a road frame” – but telling them what to do and what to ride is just as bad as implying that this bike would make a good bike for your lady friend.

    I built my girlfriend up an IRO – she rides fixed, but some nights she wishes she had a frame like a Mixte.

    People need to relax a bit. Taking shit too seriously.

  • This frame is much better than most old Japanese and French mixtes. A lot of those did have hi-ten or gaspipe tubes and stamped dropouts. The VO frame is butted CrMo with forged dropouts and nice touches like the fork rack braze-on and modern OLD spacing. Big difference.

    And don’t knock Taiwan, the quality coming out of there is top-notch. They make like 98% of all high-end bikes.

    And they have universal healthcare, unlike our bass-ackwards country.

  • Bailey

    Yeah yeah, Velo Orange makes some good stuff & this will probably be a bit lighter than that sweet Miyata on Craigslist, but does it really matter? $700 is just plain silly. This is something bike shop nerds will get & that’s about it.

  • p-la

    hey dont get me wrong cruisers are sweet.I ride one at times, its just nice to have a choice.just saying on average guys build their girls

  • Mairead

    Actually, a mixte frame is perfect for anyone who rides for recreation or utility, who is perhaps older or for some other reason less flexible and doesn’t like the potential problems of getting their leg over a horizontal top tube twice or more per trip, and who wants a very classy-looking frame style.

    I’m a utility cyclist. My summer bike is a 25yo mixte and I love it. My winter bike, though, is a 15yo vanilla offroad, and I’m just lucky not to have broken some important body part the few times I’ve got a hiking boot lace-hook tangled in the rdr cable while getting off. Crashing to the ground with the cursëd bike on top of me is not my idea of a good time, especially at my age.

  • Given that the Velo Orange Mixte is double butted cromo (and the price is currently $525) this is looking fairly reasonably priced. I comparable old bike with Reynolds 531 tubing went on ebay for $620 plus $75 for shipping. Chromoly framing on mixtes is hard to come by and double butted chromoly is even rarer.

  • nuliajuk

    This looks just like the Soma Buena Vista mixte – perhaps it’s from the same factory? I’m planning to get the Soma, it’s a little less expensive at about $500.
    I always wanted a mixte, but was too tall and too picky about quality, so I’m glad to see there are now decent frames in a good range of sizes. Oh, and I’m an ex-racer who still has a road bike, by the way. They’re not just for women, either. My neighbor just had a hip replacement and is now looking to replace his conventional bike with a step-through as he no longer has enough range of motion to throw a leg over.

  • I am surprised by these comments from people who are supposedly into bicycles.

    The VO Mixte is not at all like the Soma Buena Vista, because the VO mixte is lugged. Do you have any idea how rare it is for a builder today to offer a fully lugged mixte frame with twin lateral stays? Those types of lugs do not exist anymore and even most custom builders will tell you that they cannot do it – that “it cannot be done” in fact. Well, VO has managed to do it. In double butted cromoly. And for $525 for frame and fork!

    As for the comparisons to vintage 1970s mixtes “made of gaspipe”, I don’t even know what to say. You do realise that just because two bikes are mixtes does not mean they are the same bike, right? That would be like saying “Why get a Vanilla roadbike when you can get an identical Ross 10 Speed on C-List for so much less!” – because they are both diamond frames. Come on, gentlemen!

  • nuliajuk

    Lugs make very little difference to the quality of a bike, except to traditionalists. Soma make a very high quality frame, and unlike V.O., they’ve actually listed the tubing manufacturer. Their method of joining the two top tubes to the seat post is a better one, in my opinion:
    Oh, and I’m not a gentleman. I’m a FEMALE ex-racer. Don’t assume that everyone who like to ride fast is male.

  • cestleon

    Although Sheldon was highly respected and knows a lot about bicycles I have to disagree about his idea that a mixte bicycle is a “ladies” bike. This is the same guy who derided lowrider bicycles (some of which are rideable, I have one of those as well…). Mixte is a loan word from the French that translates as “unisex”.