Slow Sunday in Philly Aug 17, 2009

Andy, Chris and I drove down to Philly today for a much-needed Slow Sunday. I haven’t been since we were filming for Bootleg Sessions 3 and even though we only rode 2 spots, the 90-degree weather killed us all.

There were some great lines pulled today.

And Tom killed a massive gap 3 times. Seriously, you have no idea how long this is. Andy has more pics up on his Flickr, so checkem out!

  • man, where are the first two spots? that second one especially looks like a lot of fun. water street/ greys ferry lot are getting boring! also i couldn’t even imagine riding in the heat today haha.

  • Jose

    Where are these spots in Philly? I live there, hopefully I see you around.

  • Doesnt seem like tooo slow of a sunday to me.

  • holy moly that gap looks like fun! hope i get to ride with you guys when i hit up nyc with fonseca, u guys goin to the no cassettes premier?