Rumble Through the Bronx 6 Aug 3, 2009

Hell yes.

Just look at that route! Rumble is one of the most brutal races in NYC and also one of the most fun. It’s located exclusively in the Bronx (the Burrough with hills) and usually claims a few riders to injury and fatigue. Rumble VI looks like it’ll come in around 35 miles or so.

I’m down to pre-ride this weekend. Here are the checkpoints in Google Maps. Who’s down? Definitely taking the road bike!

  • LV

    that looks like uma thurman if she had a shit load of tats and knew how to ride fixed gear bikes

  • she looks like uma thurman

  • veng

    Thats a great flyer!!

  • LV

    no spokes?

  • spokesntokes

    this is my first ally cat. how/where do i sign up? also is there a specific route or do we have to just hit all the check points?

  • stonyTone!

    its actually 26 miles, i made the course(except for the last four) so lets see what they can do..who’s takin the crown for the BoogieDown?

  • wesperad0

    Do the stops need to be done in the order listed on the flyer?

  • Meredith

    vegetarian food?