Rinse: 09 Mixed by N-Type Aug 12, 2009


Rinse continues its studio mix series with the heavy-hitter N-Type after a massive flop with Alexander Nut (sorry, had to say it). I think this is the first dubstep mix I’ve heard in a long, long time that still samples a decent amount of proper dub with dubstep bangers and doesn’t blast you with sped-up dancebeats. Glad to hear that N-Type is keeping it steppin, not dancing. Just look at this track listing, it’s like 20% Benga!

01. Badman – Kryptic Minds
02. Carpark – Silkie & Kutz
03. Experience – Headhunter
04. Bass 96 – Kromestar & Jay 5ive
05. King Of Kong – LD
06. Cali Weed – Unknown
07. Karma – Others
08. Descending – Benga
09. International – Mungo’s Hi-Fi & Earl 16
10. Twilight – Distance
11. Dramatic – Benga
12. Ninja We Ninja – Kalbata
13. Who’s There – Seven & Youngsta
14. Solid State – Emalkay
15. iTunes – Benga
16. Dot 2 Dot – Others
17. Filth – Skream
18. Rhythm – Jakes
19. Intensions – Benga
20. Falling – Benga

Get the CD now at your local shop, or from Boomkat.

  • Sharratt

    Alexander Nut’s Rinse is one of the best mixes of recent times!
    Rinse FM Saturday’s 1-3pm GMT Mixed Nuts. GET TO KNOW. The most forward thinking shows there is. FACT!!!!!!!!

  • Ahhh man. It was so bad! May be progressive, but I could barely listen to it. Maybe it’ll be like Pinch’s underwater dancehall from a few years back though. I hated that too. In fact, only began to appreciate it a couple months back!

  • lady_rachel

    set is much needed! serious tunes!