Profile 5 1/4″ Gun Drilled Spindle Aug 6, 2009

All you fixed gear riders who wanted to run Profile cranks, but didn’t like the wider q-factor, Profile has answered your calls. I’ve been riding their 5 1/4″ Gun-Drilled Spindle for a few weeks now and it’s so much better than the standard bb spindle. You can set them up with just a cone against the cup and no spacers now. Doing so leaves about a 3/8″ between the crank arm and my chainstay, drastically shortening the q-factor.

Grab one here at Profile Fixed under the options for spindle length.

  • nick

    it looks like it’s up in the store as a length option here-

  • Aren

    how is that 42 tooth chainring?

  • The ring is fine, the Krull is a total waste of money. I did 1 chainring grind on it and the fucking thing warped like a pancake.

    I’m riding a 42t Tree Lite now.

  • tdhk

    how do you grind on a tree lite?

  • I’m sure you could get a bmx chain and grind on it. Momentarily, I’m not doing any grinds.

  • AJ

    i dont know see why having a wider “q-factor” is bad, i’m on standard profiles with a 33t tree and the wider base makes pedal grinds 100 times easier.

  • because you’re riding fixed and you’re always pedaling. BMXs q-factors are even wider than mtb or road qfactors.

  • Jihad

    What is the Q factor on this set up? In my brain i came up with 133mm. does that sound right? Good Looks

  • Lukemc

    Where did you get the 42 tooth tree lite?
    what are your thoughts on it now that you’ve had it for a bit?
    is it 3/32” or 1/8”?
    just curious…