Paulbaut ‘Ring-o-Star’ Aug 3, 2009


Speaking of creativity and ingenuity, Austrian design studio Paulbaut has designed a absolutely amazing coffee cup holder for your bike. Just be wary of lane-splitting with this if you’re using riser bars.


I wonder if it’d hold a tallboy?

Via Design Boom

  • ross

    thats pretty crafty…i dont know how itd hold up on the city streets- lots of potholes= coffee mess everywhere haha. but i’ll merit its creativity. they gotta make a clip-on bottle cage meant to carry at least one beer can/bottle on the down tube. id buy that and itd be super classy hahah

  • Ran

    A whole to meaning to coffee bike (or maybe just reinforcement of the original)

  • squawk

    Great, now the rider who already busies herself/ himself with an ipod and/or phone can now bumble around with their latte all the while cruising the wrong direction down a one way street.

  • jakerock

    Please do one thing at a time (well).
    = pull over to drink hot beverages!

  • hanna

    it’s for to-go frozen margaritas from el portal.