Over Coping Aug 6, 2009

Jeremiah Jones, the brains behind Hold Fast, rocking the new proto straps and a prototype BMW fork over the coping at our new skatepark. I usually am not a fan of fixed gears in parks, but this park is so wide open and the transitions fit 700c wheels perfectly, so it looks pretty smooth.

… and Chris making his trick face with a barspin on the quarter.

  • Wiwawa

    Holy crap where is this?

  • vin-e

    Hey Jeremiah…. nice shoes

  • JJ

    Thanks Vincent, I have some Tubes for you.

  • Soooo sick! Keep it up guys!


  • Lunchbox

    Proto straps?

  • yeah, the second generation Hold Fast. Since everyone seemed to like the first gen, he’s making some changes.

  • vin-E

    tubes???? que es??

  • Haha, sweet trick face!

  • hurting!!! we been doing over the coping for months now in denver. And as for the straps im kinda a hater on those too, due to the fact i made a pair few months before these came out.
    just goes to show no one is original we just all copy something and make it better…….

  • Hold Fast (before they had a name) had us riding protos in February… Just sayin… and going over coping ain’t anything new, this park however is new, hence the pic. If you wanna play that game, we were hitting over-vert in Philly at FDR over two years ago.

  • streetlevel

    This is NYC right? Where can I find this place?