No Cassettes SF Premiere Trick Comp Aug 10, 2009

No Cassettes Trick Comp from michael castillo on Vimeo.

Dude, seriously? I usually hate footplant spins, but that last trick is a banger. How old is duder? He’s got some skills.

Check out some more pics from the SF No Cassettes Premiere on the Gnarcotix site. Be careful though, there’s hella pictures!

  • fred

    did anybody else spot master chief from halo in the background watching the tricks?

  • dude

    There a robot chilling in the background at the 13 second mark? WTF

  • Master Chief! He came outta no where!

  • Shit!

    He through a bar in at the end too!

    This was perfect.

  • threw*


  • That was nutz at the end. The amount of spins seemed accidental, but that was the coolest accident I have ever seen. Mad props.

  • bigman

    will buntas from voise! killin it.

  • Stretch

    Will is 18 years old and killin’ shit!

  • What’s up Lakai.

  • Yim