New Hold Fast Colorways Aug 26, 2009

Hold Fast continues to develop their product and identity. These new colorways are for sale now. They also made some improvements to the straps, making them better than ever. I’ve been riding these new ones for 2 weeks now and I’m confident these are the best foot retention system for fixed gear riding. Commuting, freestyle, bombing hills, bombing traffic, whatever. They’re seriously the best foot retention I’ve used.

Lookin good guys! Head over and checkem out at their site.

  • WANT

  • antihero1972

    Prolly, what about for everyday commuting on your fixed gear, and the normal bombing hills type riding not tricks? What do you think of these Hold fast straps over traditional straps and cages for that type of use??

  • Yes. They’re so proper. I commute with mine, bomb traffic, freestyle. Whatever. Legit as hell!

  • mecha

    clipless though anyone?

  • matt

    What Pedals do people recommend to use with these straps?


  • antihero1972

    sorry i should have asked this too, will they work with track pedals or sylvan type pedals?

  • I ride them with Odyssey Twisted PCs. You’ll want to experiment with which holes to lace the straps through. Some people prefer the holes on either side of the pedal axle, others prefer the outside. I know just about every bmx / mtb platform works. I wouldn’t recommend lacing them to sylvans. Although, I’m sure they’d work.

  • Joe Dem

    what improvements can be made on an already perfect product?!? I’ve been riding the other ones for a few weeks and effing love them! what more could they have done?!

  • p-la

    i LOVE these straps been riding them a few weeks and their amazing. with clips i worried they would snap any minute going up/down a bridge. best foot retention EVER.

  • BienK

    Hi John , i’m BienK from Italy
    maybe in October i come to NYC or Broccolino (that’s amore…) ok , just joking :-D

    If i come, can i buy Hold fast directly from Jeremiah or in a shop ?

    in a few words: $ 76 for shipping it to Italy is too expensive for me.

    and if i come can i take a few picture of you crazy guys under the BQE bridge? ^__^

    thanks a lot


  • bill

    can’t wait for mine to come in!

  • can you get them without the giant logo across the front? if so, i’m down.

  • old james

    They look great and work really well. I just wish their logo didn’t suck. Straps are rad. The logo is an embarrassment to the hard work that went into them.

  • Drawler

    * why wouldn’t they be recommended for sylvans, too big?

  • chris

    jeremiah or rob told me they mounted them on a sylvan style pedal. i would try it with a road or touring style pedal thats a bit wider. a big part of the functionality is that it straps your foot down to the pedal. on a more narrow pedal it would be wrapping under your foot more. this might not be soo bad, but i feel like it would be better on a wider platform.

  • theseaocean

    kind of reminds me of the straps for surfing

    a little