More Bruiser Builds Aug 19, 2009




damn ginger kids




If you’ve got pictures of your Bruiser, post the URL in the comments and I’ll add them to the post!

  • dubstack

    looking fre$h

  • dennis

    second on this post ya boy!!!

  • hustlejr

    Well obviously the dude who owns the second bike (Dennis) reads this blog. He’s got a purple and white bruiser with the same cranks and saddle (older saddle) as Prolly.

  • Burd

    Maybe Drew should add a Bruiser gallery to the MKE website…

  • Burd! Where’s your build? ! ! !

  • dennis

    hey i liked to colorway. hate all you want i love this bike! can’t we all just get along…stop sipping on them haterades.

  • thanks for the photo (first).

  • Matt

    Blayne, I sometimes EAT OFF THAT TABLE.

  • Goddamn reddicks…

  • hell yeah mista AJ!

  • Haha, that damn ginger kid is AJ from college station. Really cool dude, and pretty good on that new bruiser too.

  • fugly

    rad post… i second burd… bruiser gallery would be killer.

  • Joe

    fucking ginger bitch. fuck you.

  • byron

    thanks for the shout out x2 prolly.

  • Dan

    That Ginger is scary lookin’.

  • Todd

    Glow in the dark blue paint is cool. Is there a brand name for that kind of paint ( other than “glow in the dark” ) I can ask about when calling paint shops?

  • Ginger kids have no souls…

  • AJ

    yall are just jealous cause vikings/gingers are metal, and that white thigh is sexyyyy.

  • As a fellow red beard, I’ll agree. But I have blonde hair.

  • byron

    hey Todd, its not glow in the dark. I wrapped my bike in reflective vinyl and took those pictures with a flash.

  • AJ has red everything.

  • dannyg

    I knew it wasnt glow in the dark! Ha. Told ya AJ.

  • dannyg

    If gingers had a soul AJ’s would be red.

  • amy

    i like the light pink with the black accents… i might have to get one of these

  • Krink

    John Arnt you a ginger?

  • No. Blonde hair, blonde body hair, my beard is just red.

  • Alex J