MKE Seatpost Clamps Aug 13, 2009

From here on, when you order your Bruiser through Milwaukee, you will get one of these with your frameset. I had no idea MKE was making them, so it was a nice surprise when my frameset came in today. The details on this frame rule. Love the bottom-bracket cluster, the beer stein on the fork and the gussets. 40c tire clearance too. Not bad!

The production frame feels lighter than the prototype. I’ll hang both on the scale tonight and see if I’m right.

  • AJ

    dude no shit on clearance, i did a few bar hops last night with 35c and 165 cranks and it’s butter. love this freaking frame

  • steveisskinny

    your frame is looking dope as hell.

    wish i had money to buy a bruiser… :[

  • Durr

    Hows ya suppozed tur put da seetpost in dair? I thinks day butter re dezine…

  • Josh

    I’ve become interested in the Bruisers from this blog for commuting in snow (and maybe getting some trick track on in the summer) in Wyoming. With 40c tire clearance, I think I’m sold. Thanks for giving the details.

  • Yeah, I realized that post-picture. It’s got the plug in it from shipping.

  • outside opinion

    awesome bike. I wish I had one…


    weight update?