MC Spand-X “Performance” Aug 12, 2009

Wow. Speechless. Funniest bike spoof yet. Complete with girls pumping tires in full kit!

“you think it makes you look like a courier, it just makes you look girlier…”

  • jonnyneedledick

    fuck ya plus 100000zillionquadrillion on this guy
    that dude playin the hipster had it down pat hahahah. comedy.
    seriously how can people dress like that. fuck. get some originality … this goes for all you dinks in tight fuckin girl jeans.
    you aint different when you look like every other fuck out there!

    whoa i derailed my own response..

    im talkin bout perrrrforrrrrrmance! its the name of the game. i grease up my taint , chamois is nullin the painnnnn……..


  • *TC

    Couldn’t he have done it in the US national kit…

  • ross

    the crabon fibre’ frame bit was gold. thats how most of the roadies i know act- you cant go fast if you bike isnt as lightest as can be…then i smoke them on an steel. i guess its all about performance after all

  • My only beef with high-end road bikes being ridden by Sunday riders is the same beef that “roadies” have with “hipsters”. You’ve got a powerful machine and you’re using it as a status symbol.

  • portland summers > austin summers

    what a beautiful city and a funny video!

  • Hahahaha awesome. Never thought it was gonna happen, but I’m totally that spandexed out goof now. Including a carboner bike.

  • HA!!! Thats was great. All he needs is a pink aerospoke.

  • ross

    wait a tick…he has a triple on his bike. he wouldnt qualify to be in the super elite roadie pack with that haha. oh well. if you cant laugh at yourself…

  • “portland summers > austin summers”

    it’s raining as i am typing this.

  • cayle

    Yay Portland!