Massan on Macaframa Aug 3, 2009

Massan from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

I think this video leaked a little prematurely this weekend while I was in Boston. I saw it on a few RSS feeds and it was immediately pulled. Looks like it’s up for good now and the Maca blog welcomes Massan to the crew.

Epic video for sure. He’s one of the few riders that makes bombing hills on a track bike look like snowboarding down K2. So fucking smooth. Not to mention the filming looks so dialed. You guys really nailed it!


  • antihero1972

    hell yeah, that was ruling. I love his riding style.

  • All this fixed gear stuph is so nu to me. While browsing the net for infos I landed on ur site and I must say: Wow, what a video! This guy is just amazing!

  • jesus…

  • alejandrolavinjr

    anyone got song info on this video? pretty rad cut.

  • Seamus

    Wow, so so so much style.

  • FTF&M

    Thats great… cant wait to see the material!!!

    //FTF&M Sthlm.

  • HOLY SHIT! good god that was impressive. I met him this weekend too! AHHhh perfect timing! Apparently likes art too, cool guy.

  • chris b.

    Your snowboarding analogy is on point. His control makes me think of both Jeremy Jones’s:
    or maybe travis rice
    (sorry this is an old teaser, i’m fucking tired and dumb right now)

  • hfwido

    As i have said before, this is ridiculously nice! The music, and overall vibe was perfect. Massan/Macaframa all props your way.

  • ur a n8

    Hells yeah!

  • steve f.

    i think the best part of this is that he rides a leader. shows you dont need a concept or cinelli ect.

  • Alejandro, the song is ‘Remember walkin’ in the sand’ by the Shangri-Las

  • Marrrrk.

    Nice… I love how you can actually see the smoke from the tire when he skids!

  • kg

    ridiculous. good music too

  • ariffin

    his style is just amazing. skids was crazy & the part when he cut the bus was jus so gangsta. props to massan & whole macaframa team.

  • cannnnnnnibal

    fuk ya

  • Chin Phro

    Is that Massan Fluker? Damn he’s come a long way.
    Smooth as shit!!

  • Prince Racster

    This guy is a beast