Lockedcog Tees Aug 21, 2009

I dunno man, that’s the NYC colorway!

Locked Cog added another shirt to their look book, be sure to check it out!

Via Bootleg Sessions Via Lockedcog

  • Jamie

    Ugh. Live Traced? Really?

    (sorry for the negativity – I just think Live Trace (or at least blatant live trace like this) is kind of a corner-cutting & cheap look.

  • cannnnnnnibal

    that shirt looks really bad imo

  • erik

    don’t you mean, “colorway”?

  • the color wasnt intentional…i mean it is but because thats the green we use already. brad did this one…hopefully ill put some stuff ive done in the book soon too.

  • first, a disclaimer: anybody actually doing stuff is to be commended, and I think lockedcog is one of the best fixed blogs. I definitely respect Kris’ hustle.

    however, this shirt really brings it back to a recent WRAHW post by Torey (http://itswrahw.blogspot.com/2009/08/no-cogs-and-chainrings-dont-look-sick.html). how much longer can people continue to screen pics of locks, cogs, and cranks on t-shirts? I love my bike, but you’d be hard-pressed to catch me in a tee that basically screams HEY LOOK I RIDE FIXED GEAR. I think a focus on branding over easily-accessible imagery would serve everyone much better: just because we ride bikes doesn’t mean that has to be our whole schtick.