Light Lane Aug 6, 2009

You may have seen the promotional graphic for Light Lane flying around the internet not too long ago. Well, Alex Tee and Evan Gant of Altitude Inc took all the positive responses to their project to heart and have since developed a prototype. The video above shows the product in the beta stage.

Pretty rad idea.

  • jeff

    just imagine passing a car on the left side and your laser projectiong into the drivers eyes.

  • clayton

    This still seems like a terrible idea. First off, the driver’s going to be looking at that the erratic bouncing green laser line on the road, not the cyclist. Secondly, the laser projection is pretty dulled each time it has ambient light on it, which will happen with every passing car’s headlights. And then there’s the issue of reflection from puddles, trash – like potato chip bags and the like – and quartz used in many asphalts; what a sure way to get a driver to hit you – blind them momentarily with fucking lasers. I just can’t see this working, especially when there are flashing, attention-getting lights that bring attention to the rider and not the road while saying to drivers “oh look at that cyclist! I won’t hit him!”