Leader 729TRK Trick Star Aug 25, 2009

Leader’s 729trk frame

Leader bicycles have introduced their version of a freestyle frame, called the Trick Star. It’s the same geometry as a their 725TR track frame with a 75.5 STA and a 74 HTA when combined with their S803 fork’s 44mm rake. They don’t list the atc on their S803 fork, although I’m assuming it’s somewhere around the 377mm mark. The frame is the first over-sized steel fixed gear Leader has made. It also sports a rather unique gusset at the head tube cluster.

Their site does not list the weight of the frameset.

shown with the wheel rotated

Along with the Trick Star frame, they designed a unicrown fork. It has a 36mm rake and 380 atc.

shown barspinning a 23c tire

Due to the tight clearances here on their own frame, it’s hard to say whether or not their fork will barspin on other frames. Looks a little tight for a 23c tire. 380 atc doesn’t offer a whole lotta wiggle room on other, non-Leader frames with a 1 1/8″ steerer.

Ideally, I think you’ll want a larger tire in the front. I know myself and others actually ride a wider tire on the front end than the rear.

Check the Trick Track thread for more information.

  • Jonas McNeil

    Kind of strange gusset and who rides with a big tyre in the back and a small one up front? Look how far up front the rear is too. Why not just put two 23 tires on it for the photos at least? Looks too rushed. I hope this is merely an early prototype because now it looks like Leader is certainly trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

    Cheers from the UK.

    p.s. I hear shop 14’s Trick bikes are looking splendid.

  • kurt

    i like it. looks like a track bike. but why is the seatube so steep for a trick bike? and what is “atc”?

  • Kurt,

    ATC = Axle to Crown. It’s the center of the hub axle to the fork crown.

  • Hutch bikes introduced the Hutch “TrickStar” back in the 80’s. The name isn’t very original. This frame looks ok, but I have to agree with Jonas about this frame maybe being rushed to keep up with Volume and the others.

  • steven

    It looks like the rear hub dosn’t have any meat to bite into on the dropouts.

  • liars!

    Theres no way that’s a 38c tire. Thats more like a 32 or a 35. and having your wheel that far back dont cut it as clearance.

  • steven

    the gusset dosn’t look unique it looks weak.
    what’s with shitty spot welding on that thing.

  • Where is the photo that shows shitty spot welding?

    Also I know they are coming out with another fork next month that has a longer atc for guys who want to run bigger tires with 700c and barspin.

    I run a 23 in back and 23 in front, and don’t know of a ton of people who run anything bigger than 32 in either, so it should be good for most people.

    The dropout tensioner piece can be removed so you can slam you well in tight if you like as well.

    My two cents.

    Keep rocking everyone.

  • TA

    Yeah, that gusset does not look very strong, and is not very aesthetically pleasing at all. I saw this frame on their website about a week ago and vomited a little in my mouth.

  • monster truck

    TJ, you’ll catch up to the third coast soon enough. you preach about 23 tires and you ride profile cranks. ride a 38 front and back and tell me you dont feel the diff bro.

    i don’t know anyone doing serious tricks riding smaller than 35. its where everyone is going. look at tom and super ted. going big with big tires. get over your 23 tire track bike attitude. you ride bmx cranks!

  • JPR

    You can’t call any frame the Trick Star, unless it is of course, a Hutch Trick Star.

  • tricktrackwhat?

    Dude, prolly, you gonna let them talk to you like that in that forum? Their a company and their talking to you like that? What a bunch of assholes.

  • just a quick question: what’s the advantage of running a wider tire on the front?

  • If you’re riding a wide tire in the back, a wide tire up front will make the bike handle a lot better. BMXrs ride wider tires in the front for better balance on nose manuals. Wide tires in general make your landings softer, give you a wider footing for balance and also ensure your wheels don’t take the brunt of the blow.

    Some people don’t like doing gaps or air tricks. And a lot of people don’t do bunnyhops or 180’s so if all you’re doing is spinning around in a parking lot, then you probably don’t need anything bigger than a 28c.

    My feelings on this frame are that it looks rushed. Leader says people loved their alloy frame for tricks, so they made a steel version and put a 380atc on it to barspin a 28c. When people complained about the clearance issue with at least a 32c up front, they said they’re coming out with a 420atc fork. An additional 40mm is a lot of room on a fork.

    If people liked their geometry of their alloy bikes so much, then why didn’t they keep the bike’s angles and tweek the design to barspin a 38c with a 400atc fork. Right now, they have half a solution on a frame that has yet to live up to the hype.

  • TA

    mission accomplished

  • jurij

    thanks a lot for the heads up!