Jack’s Jack Taylor Aug 3, 2009

Ya gotta hand it to Jack. He has one of the nicest stables out of all my friends and also one of the best metal blogs. To boot, he just built up a freaking gorgeous Jack Taylor. After the build on Friday,Sasha did his magic on it.

Really amazing details on this bike. Love the world champ stripes on the head tube and the color choices jack made. Nuovo Record dt shifters too. Classy!

  • Nice bike indeed. How’s the chain over the chain rings.

  • Rob

    Yeah, I like how Sasha was able to capture the image mid-shift! Lovely bike!

  • Gordon

    I ordered a tandem from Jack Taylor and picked it up at the factory in 1976, Stockton on Teas. Only 3 employees, Jack and his 2 brothers. One of them rode his bike to work, a fixed gear with front break. All bikes were ordered, they would build what you wanted fork, crown, lugs, colors. All custom. They said they built the bikes for the Soviet Olympic team and the Soviets ordered the cheapest frames, and Americans always ordered the most expensive frames.