Iminusd Promo Aug 24, 2009

GNARCOTIX X IMINUSD PROMO from Gnarcotixsf on Vimeo.

The Gnarcotix guys made a little promotional video for the rim-company, IminusD.

  • cinelli

    won’t people please stop bastardizing my logo?

  • jpp

    What’s the word on these rims? they call’em i42 which means they are 42mm deep, I guess. But what about how wide they are?

  • I “think” 19mm. If they made them in 28mm wide, I’d ride them.

  • dannyg

    lookin good.

  • Jaime Roxx

    Aren’t these just some cheap imported 42mm rims with a logo slapped on it? These are like the same rims on the trek soho commuter. IminusD? Too funny.

    Support companies that actually try to make new products. Not some privileged kid that shipped junk over.